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Raising Eyebrows with Landy Dean

60441077From murder mysteries to underage affairs, ABC Family is raising eyebrows with the new drama, Pretty Little Liars. For Lucy Hale, star of the hit show, hers also happen to be perfectly groomed. “The thickness of her brows really compliments her features and the size and shape of her eyes,” celebrity makeup artist and eyebrow expert, Landy Dean said. “She has a modern, yet classic shape.” I wanted to achieve the same look, but after years of tweezing, waxing, and over-trimming, I was afraid it was too late. I met with Landy at the Marie Robinson salon in New York City to see if he could work a miracle (or two). “It’s going to take a lot of time and patience to grow them out fully,” he told me. “But you’ll get there.”

Landy, a favorite among beauty editors and celebrities, is best known for his natural approach to brows. “Most of the problems I see are man-made — over-tweezing, waxing, trimming, etc,” he said. “I’ve never had anyone come in who was all-natural and I say ‘yikes.’” Before you pick up a pair of tweezers, consider the impact it could have on your face. Landy pointed out that most of us aren’t comfortable cutting our hair at home, yet we continue to shape the most dramatic part of our appearance. “The eyebrows have such an impact on your face. You need to ask yourself, ‘is this something I want to do at home?” Landy said. “I would at least recommend being advised by a professional.” Considering I’m no better at cutting my hair now than I was at five (sorry, Mom!), I'm leaving my brows to the experts from now on. After 30 minutes with Landy, my friends immediately noticed the difference. Now if only I could find a way to snag Lucy's gorgeous English teacher — she's too young for him anyway! -- Catherine Q. O'Neill, beauty intern