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The Product That Saved My Life

Hey summer beauties! It’s Julie, the beauty intern here at Fitness. I recently had a self-tanning scare that I just had to share with you. Major drama! I recently got a spray tan for my 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas. As a frequent spray-tanner, I made sure to exfoliate all the dead skin off so the tan would last longer. Apparently I missed a spot, because the next day a patch of skin on my chest was peeling! The area looked horrible and blotchy compared to the rest of my smooth, bronzed skin. How could this happen to me on my birthday? Of course I started freaking out. I was so panicked that I even contemplated going in a tanning bed to even it out (BIG NO-NO)!  I took a few deep breaths, gathered my composure and thought, “wait a minute—I’m a future beauty editor—there has to be something in my product stash that can fix this!” First, I tried blending it in with a dark concealer. No luck. Next, I tried using a powder bronzer. Didn’t work either. I then tried using a liquid bronzer. Sorry, Charlie!

Then, I got an idea. I’d been hoarding all of these at-home self-tanning products since wintertime. So I pulled the box out and  found Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Flawless Airbrush Instant Bronze Spray (2/$20, and sprayed away Eureka! Even skin tone! I was amazed at how well it covered everything up  and it even dried quickly.

Have you ever experienced a beauty crisis like mine? Let us know which products saved your day in the comments below!

--Julianne Carell, beauty intern

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