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Fruity Fixes

Ever look at the ingredients of your favorite skincare product and have absolutely no clue what any of them are? Us too. Luckily, we found a ton of all-natural skin-savers just for you--and they can all be found right in your fridge! Try this frugal fruity refreshers for softer skin in an instant. If you've got a lemon you are good to go! httpvhd:// Lemons have AHA's and BHA's (what?!) AHA's are alpha dyroxy acids that prevent clogged pores, enhance cell renewal through exfoliation, hydrate the skin, increase collagen production and improve skin texture to give it that glowy look. BHA's are beta hydroxy acids that work as an exfoliant and are known to improve wrinkles, roughness, and even out skin pigmentation. Basically, they make your skin look younger and more refreshed! What you need:

  • Lemons
  • Sugar
  • A bowl

*Note: If you have sensitive skin test the scrub on a small area to make sure it won't irritate the skin beforehand, and use caution around the eye area.
What are your favorite at-home skin savers? Tell us in the comments below!
Stay tuned next week for more fruity fixes!

-Julianne Carell, beauty intern