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Fight Summer Frizz

ss_101359842We just received this great question from one of our readers, and I think many of you can relate, especially since we’re in the thick of summer humidity (frizz alert!). Hope the answer helps tame your mane.

Q: I have ultra-thick, curly hair, and it’s cut in long layers. How can I make my hair stay frizz-free when I wear it down and loose?

A: Curly strands are prone to frizz when they dry naturally, so start styling while your hair is sopping wet. A mixture that’s great: Work in equal parts hydrating curling cream and an oil-based serum from roots to ends. If your strands still start to pouf, lightly rub on a glossing serum on dry hair to control mid-day frizzies. This trick will help block out humidity. And remember: Heat, UV rays and chemicals strip hair, making it porous, which aggravates the fluff. Comb in conditioner before diving into the pool to minimize chlorine damage. Also, check out this fun beauty section on It gives you a checklist of beauty items that you might need for the day. Pretty genius!

-Eleanor Langston, Beauty Director