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That's (Skin) Deep

Hi guys, it's Julie, the beauty intern here at Fitness! I recently got the chance to get my skin "tracked" at Somme Institute in New York City to see what kind of damage the sun has done over the years.  The results were kind of....scary.

The UV camera captured images 3-4 inches beneath the surface of my skin and found freckles and sun spots that could eventually work their way to the top layers of my skin. The specialists told me that the damage was actually quite minimal compared to other people. Whew! They also said that the redness around my eyes was normal because the area is so sensitive on everyone. Double whew!


SommeBeforeAfterBecause most sun damage happens before we turn 18, it's important to start protecting our skin now. Lesson learned. You won't catch me outside sans sunscreen ever again.