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Quick Beauty Tips

We get it, you're busy! Save time in your beauty routine (but still look hot!) with our favorite shortcuts and fast fixes for your hair, makeup, nails and skin.

Feeling good about how you look has a major impact on your mood. For those mornings when a giant zit, dark circles or sad strands threaten to steal your swagger, we've got your back.

Lena Dunham said it best: "Coconut oil seems to do literally everything.

Whether you run, lift, or are into Spinning, we know you don't let beauty challenges get in the way of a workout — especially when you're armed with these easy fixes for the biggest skin, hair, and na

Look and perform at your personal best with these clever beauty tricks from Olympic athletes. Oily skin, dry hair, and melting makeup don't stand a chance.

Slip these new portable pens for cheeks, nails, and lips into your gym bag or purse for easy on-the-go primping.

Show off your shape and turn heads this season. Try these styling tips from TODAY Style Editor Bobbie Thomas to look slimmer instantly.

Set aside the boring perfume bottle and try these fresh and portable fragrance options, perfect for your gym bag!

Take back precious minutes of your day. Our speedy makeup, hair, and skin secrets will get you out of the house — and the gym — looking prettier than ever.

Speed up your post-workout beauty routine with these time-saving products.

These free smartphone apps help you protect your skin, test nail polish, and do your makeup.

Call in the heavyweights! Toss these genius hair buys into your workout bag and go from gym to glam in a flash.

Get maximum mileage out of your wardrobe with these rules of the road.

Worried about your crooked smile? The bump on your nose? Whether your hips look too big in running tights? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Save 10, 15, even 20 minutes a day with these genius look-radiant shortcuts. Ready, set, glow!

Get your makeup done in just five minutes with these in-a-flash tricks.

Toss these genius, space-saving finds into your workout bag.

Here, no-spill treats to stash in your gym bag. Just add H2O and you're good to go.