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Skin Care

Pamper the skin you have or get the skin you want. We've got the expert advice and head-to-toe skin-care products to help.

Swing by the grocery store for a few ingredients, then read our expert tips on how to make homemade sugar scrub for gifting this holiday season.

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Dermatologists are pretty well-versed in all things beauty products. So they've cherry-pick the creams, serums, masks, peels, and oils that are most likely to provide lasting results.

Here's how to prep for the big strip, straight from the dermatologist.

The lowdown on face masks, and which ones you should be using, from a dermatologist.

The skin is your largest, most accessible organ, making self-diagnosis and treatment a common occurrence.

And what you can do to stay protected.

Less skin cancer and fewer signs of aging? Count us in.

The Olympic swimmer discusses his devastating groin injury, body hair struggles, and his plans to take a major break from swimming post-Rio.

A derm debunks the latest trend in milk of magnesia facials.

When it comes to cleansing, different faces have different needs. The wrong cleanser won't effectively remove dirt and oil, and in some cases, it can destroy your skin.

Because you know you need 'em in this summer heat.

"Just get it removed" is not a good enough reason to stop protecting yourself from skin cancer.

We could always find our favorite YouTube vlogger's beauty products online, but soon we'll be able to buy them in stores around the US too.

Dermatologists want you to be safe while you're out enjoying the surf, sand, and sun—so remember these essentials when you're packing your bag.

A dermatologist explains how to deal with keratosis pilaris.

Acne in itself is nothing to be desired, but we think we can all agree that acne scars make the entire process even worse.