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15 Patriotic Fourth of July Nails

  • Photo courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

    Stenciled Star Nail Art

    This star-spangled look from Chalkboard Nails is a trendy way to show your loyalty to the red-white-and-blue. Start with a white base coat; then use tape, a hole punch, and a makeup sponge to create a red-and-blue ombre effect for your 4th of July nails.

  • Photo courtesy of the Nailasaurus

    Stars and Stripes Nail Art

    Striping tape, glitter, and some patriotic polish are all you need to re-create this American-flag–inspired mani. Get the full tutorial here!

  • Photo courtesy of One Nail to Rule Them All

    Glitter Stars Nail Art

    This super-detailed 4th of July nail art from One Nail to Rule Them All is simpler than it seems. Red and blue glitter polish, a white base coat, and a white nail art pen are all it takes to snag this sparkling look. Adding some star-shaped nail stickers seals the deal!

  • Photo courtesy of Spellbound Nails

    Patriotic Drip Nails

    This drip design by Spellbound Nails is a funky take on flag-inspired nails. Start with a navy blue base and a glitter topcoat. Then freehand-paint the white and red stripes using a nail art brush!

  • Photo courtesy of All Lacquered Up

    Patriotic Nail Art

    These USA-themed nails were inspired by the Olympics, but we think this all-American mani from All Lacquered Up is just as well-suited for Independence Day festivities!

  • Photo courtesy of Love Maegan

    Tie Dye Nail Art

    If your summer style leans toward the boho side, these red-white-and-blue tie-dye nails should be your 4th of July go-to! This free-spirited manicure from Love Maegan is easy to re-create and will look just as cute when the holiday is over.

  • Photo courtesy of Dressed Up Nails

    Retro Patriotic Nail Art

    This July 4th look from Dressed Up Nails is a cute, retro way to rock your country’s colors. Using a nail brush to add bows and polka dots is the perfect way to keep your patriotism looking pretty!

  • Photo courtesy of Nailside

    Metallic Stars and Stripes Mani

    This metallic take on the Stars and Stripes is a bold way to pay homage to the land of the free. Nailside started with red and blue polish as a base, then taped off sections using gold and silver polish to add the eye-catching details!

  • Photo courtesy of Will Paint Nails for Food

    Red, White, and Blue Shimmer

    Think outside of the box with these 4th of July nails that don’t follow the old Stars-and-Stripes theme. Mixing fun patterns with patriotic colors is a great way to rock a mani that’s wearable all summer long! Copy this Polish and Pearls look with glitter, a dotting tool, and nail art brushes!

  • Photo courtesy of Simply Rins

    Independence Day Nail Design

    We love this clean, classic mani from Simply Rins. Use a small nail art brush to create the Americana-colored stars, stripes, and polka dots for a fun look!

  • Photo courtesy of Pink U Rock

    Nautical But Nice Nail Art

    If you’re searching for a mani that will still be cute come July 5, look no further than this cute nautical nail art from Pink U Rock. Sporting patriotic colors without an obvious flag motif is a simple way to keep your nail art from looking tacky when the 4th of July celebration is over.


    Photo courtesy of Work Play Polish


    Waving Flag Mani

    There are millions of flag-inspired nail designs, but this look from Work Play Polish is the “fly-iest” of them all! Use a white nail art pen to freehand-paint the stars and curving lines to make your mani look just like a wavin’ flag. K’naan would definitely approve.


  • Photo courtesy of Life in Lacquer

    Fireworks Nail Art

    If your favorite part of Independence Day is watching the fireworks, this pretty polish design is perfect. Use a small nail art brush or toothpick to draw tiny lines and stars around nail art gems for this explosive look from Life In Lacquer.

  • Photo courtesy of The Daily Varnish

    Patriotic Caviar Mani

    The Daily Varnish went all out with this 4th of July caviar mani. The fancy look is actually simpler than it seems—mix red, blue, and silver microbeads together and push them gently on top of a white base coat before it's completely dry. Cover with a clear top coat to help the beads stay in place, and let the compliments roll in!

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