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Petite Facial Features? This Is the Contouring Makeup Tutorial For YOU


contouring makeup tutorial


If you have a smaller face but still want to get on board with the contouring craze, this makeup tutorial is for you! We will be using a powder in this contouring makeup tutorial, as you can use powder on top of your regular makeup and build up as needed. There are tons of great contour palettes out there, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I really like the LORAC Pro Contour Palette and the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette.

contouring makeup tutorial

1. Begin by sweeping the contour shade under your cheekbones. Wherever you place your brush first will be the darkest so I like to start near the top of the ear. To soften the features, focus on creating more of an arc shape rather than a straight line. Make sure your contour shadow does not come in any farther than the outside corner of your eye. If you bring the shadow in too far, your face can take on more of a masculine appearance.

2. Next, bring that contour shade up the temple and around the hairline. However, if you have a short forehead, keep in mind that you don't need to contour much, if at all, here. Let your face's natural shape guide you as you decide how much to contour.

contouring makeup tutorial

3. With your petite face shape, you likely don't need much contouring under the jawline, so just sweep the leftover pigments from your brush under the jaw bone and chin.

4. Don't forget blush! Placement will be key here, since you don't want the color to overwhelm your face. Place two fingers at the side of your nose. Blush should not come in any farther than your outside finger. Focus on keeping it higher, sweeping upward.

contouring makeup tutorial


5. Now to highlight! Sweep a shimmery highlight powder on the tops of your cheekbones. Make sure to keep this area subtle, as shimmer could easily overwhelm your petite face. Bring this shimmer onto the cupid's bow of the lip, the center of the chin, and also down the bridge of your nose if you wish.

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