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How to Cover Up a Bruise


Question: "How can I conceal a black-and-blue mark?"

Answer: Whether you were hit accidentally in kickboxing class or your latest Botox injection left a bruise (your secret's safe with us), blue-based discoloration can be a challenge to hide. Here's a foolproof camouflage technique from Carol Shaw, Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist and creator of Lorac Cosmetics:

  1. Paint on a layer of yellow-based pot concealer (they're the thickest in consistency), covering the mark completely.
  2. Then, blend seamlessly by patting it into your skin with a fingertip.
  3. If necessary, add another coat.
  4. Dust with translucent powder to prevent concealer from budging.

Voila — this trick should keep your bruise under wraps all day!

Originally published in Fitness magazine, February 2006.