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5 Tricks to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

When it comes to dark under-eye circles, the dark knight rises pretty much every day for me. Of course sleep and hydration can improve darkness somewhat, but did you know that dark circles are hereditary too? As you age, the skin below your eye thins and dark circles become more prominent. But don't be discouraged. With color correction and concealing, you can make dark circles a distant memory. Try these five steps (and helpful products!) to erase dark circles under the eyes.


1. It's important to hydrate and prime the under-eye area first. Concealer will appear cakey and artificial on dry skin. Pat on gently as you would an eye cream.


2. Now use a color corrector to cancel out the initial darkness so your concealer doesn't have to work so hard. Apply in a fanned-out shape in the triangular area below your eye.


3. Next, we get to the concealing! A cream concealer works best, melting into the under-eye area. Instead of just applying to the half moon below your eye, brighten up the entire area under the eye by applying it in a fan shape. This will light up your face and eliminate the reverse racoon-eye look.


4. You'll want to set all your hard work with powder. I am using the yellow-toned Ben Nye's Banana Powder but any translucent powder works fine.


5. For a beautiful finishing touch, highlight the orbital bone, the c-shaped area around the eye socket, with a powder highlighter.

And there you have it: five steps to banishing under-eye dark circles for good. Below is a video showing all of these steps in action, so check it out!

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