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A Next-Level Waterfall/Mermaid Braid Combo


Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids


A waterfall braid is quite intricate, but it´s time to step up your game and try these waterfall braids that combine to create a mermaid braid. If you master this one, you´ll be sure to have a hairstyle that will impress while also looking relaxed and effortless. This hairstyle is ideal for long hair and is easier to create with straight strands. It might look complicated at first, but follow the steps below and you´ll have a beautiful half-up mermaid braid perfect for Sunday brunch or a day spent shopping.

Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids

1. Start at the front on one side and pick up a small section of hair, dividing it into three sections. Cross the lower section over the middle section.

2. Now cross the upper section over the middle one.

Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids

3. Drop the lower strand and pick up a new strand right next to it. Cross the new strand over the middle strand, which creates the waterfall effect.

4. Continue braiding the same way to the middle of the back of the head. Then braid normally without incorporating hair for an inch or so and temporarily secure the braid.

Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids

5. Do the same on the other side. Then take the two braids and hold them one in each hand.

6. Join the two braids together, and now divide the combined ends into three strands. Begin braiding normally by crossing the right strand over the middle strand and then the left strand over the middle strand.

Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids

7. Now take the closest strand that was dropped from the waterfall braid on the right side and join it together with the right strand (of the combined hair) and cross them both over the middle strand.

8. Do the same on the left side.

Boho Mermaid-Waterfall Braids

9. Now braid them together using a normal braiding technique without adding strands from the waterfall braid.

10. Then add the strands from the waterfall braid again just as before and combine with a normal three-strand braid again. Continue like this all the way until you've incorporated all the strands from the waterfall braids. Braid this part in a slight angle away from the head for the strands to lay more loose when you are finished.


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