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The Best Undercut Hairstyles On Instagram

The undercut is a style that has been popular since the Edwardian Era (AKA the early 1900s). Traditionally, the hairstyle is a popular pick for males, but in recent years, more and more women have been seen sporting the edgy look. An undercut gives you the freedom to express yourself, like a tattoo, but without the permanence. Life's way too short to have boring hair, so browse through some of our favorites from Instagram and get inspired.

Anchors Away!


A photo posted by Hot on Beauty (@hotonbeauty) on

Inner Zen


A photo posted by ॐ Stacy (@bohemiancraftress) on



A photo posted by Caroline Sims (@occasion_hair) on

Coming Up Rainbows


A photo posted by BuzzCutFeed™ (@buzzcutfeed) on

Star Power


A photo posted by jenny walker (@jennywalks) on

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend


A photo posted by Brittany Fitapelli (@brittfitxo) on



A photo posted by Anthony Camacam (@joecamacam) on

Tribal Inspiration


A photo posted by Janine Ker (@janine_ker_hair) on

Geometric Beauty

Sharp Angles


A photo posted by Brendan Lawson (@aka_saint) on

Triangularly Tribal


A photo posted by @chipibiza on

(Lotus) Flower Power


A photo posted by BuzzCutFeed™ (@buzzcutfeed) on

Freehand Freestyle

Lines + Etchings


A photo posted by  DARTH FADER (@daveydoeshair) on

Abstract Geometry


A photo posted by Tracey Jane (@tracefaceallday) on

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