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Love Your Hair: 7 Simple Hair Makeovers

  • Diane Vasil

    Healthy-Looking Color

    Stephanie Bridges, 28

    Mane Change: Washing her hair after daily runs was fading Stephanie's hue, so colorist Keith Shore added sparkle by softening her base and highlighting sections. To maintain a shade like hers, shampoo every other day with a formula for colored blond hair, such as Aveda Camomile Shampoo ($30, On alternating days, spray dry shampoo on roots post?exercise to absorb oil. Once a week, use a hydrating mask, like Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Creme Masque ($17, for salons).

  • Diane Vasil

    Healthy-Looking Color: After

    Tiny Tweak: Stylist James Vides gave Stephanie's hair movement by thinning out the ends. To style, apply mousse, then flip your head over to blow-dry, aiming the airflow up as you scrunch strands. Add waves with a curling iron, pulling out spirals as you go.

    "My new sun-kissed shade looks warm and shiny."

  • Diane Vasil

    Swingy Side-Swept Bangs

    Rachael Nichol, 29

    Mane Change: Vides cut wispy layers throughout Rachael's long hair and angled bangs that fall over her eyebrows. For this wavy, bouncy look, use a styling primer, such as Sally Hershberger Style Primer for Wavy Hair ($13, Ulta stores), from damp roots to ends. Let your strands air-dry, then spray volumizing hair spray on sections and wind them around a one-inch curling iron.

  • Diane Vasil

    Swingy Side-Swept Bangs: After

    Tiny Tweak: Colorist Erin Bogart added highlights and a coppery gloss to give Rachael's tone more punch. To preserve a rich red, wash with a color-safe shampoo, like Tigi Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Shampoo ($17, for salons), and apply a weekly shine glaze.

    "My hair feels so much lighter, which is great for working out in warmer weather."

  • Diane Vasil

    A Cut That's Easy to Style After Pilates

    Genevieve Lee Aronson, 30

    Mane Change: To give Genevieve's hair more bounce and shape, Vides chopped off six inches and added face-framing pieces that blend into front layers. He switched her middle part to the side for an updated look.

  • Diane Vasil

    A Cut That's Easy to Style After Pilates: After

    Tiny Tweak: If you have thick, straight hair like Genevieve's, style it by spraying a volumizing mist, such as Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray ($3,drugstores), onto damp roots, then use a blow-dryer and your fingers to tousle strands until they're almost dry. Finish by smoothing sections with a medium-barrel round brush. For extra oomph, hold up each section and spritz it from underneath with a dry texturizing spray, like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher ($7, drugstores).

    "My hair is superfast to style and really versatile now."

  • Diane Vasil

    Ultra Shiny Hair

    Annie Duren, 45

    Mane Change: Colorist Bogart wove subtle caramel ribbons into Annie's brown locks to add dimension. Get mirror-like sheen by spritzing shine spray, such as Kerastase Chroma Cristal Shine Perfecting Mist ($37,,on dry hair, and using a gloss treatment weekly. We like Oscar Blandi At Home Salon Glaze ($25,

  • Diane Vasil

    Ultra Shiny Hair: After

    Tiny Tweak: For a cut that suits Annie's active life (she rotates cardio workouts on the treadmill with the bike and elliptical machine), stylist Mike Viggue trimmed her dead ends and snipped her hair in cheek-grazing layers that gradually get longer toward the back. He then applied a volumizing mousse, like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream Whip ($21, for salons), followed by root-lifting spray. To get the most glossiness as you blow-dry, use around boar-bristle brush and target the dryer nozzle downward as you twist strands, pulling them away from your face.

    "The rich color of my hair makes my skin look brighter."

  • Diane Vasil

    A Chic, Sleek Look

    Erin Dwyer, 24

    Mane Change: Erin's hair had been long her whole life. Vides gave her a shoulder-skimming bob, angling it slightly longer in the front. "Getting rid of 10 inches makes you look more stylish and vibrant instantly," he says.

  • Diane Vasil

    A Chic, Sleek Look: After

    Tiny Tweak: To keep a bob smooth and straight, coat damp strands with an antifrizz gel, such as Biomega Behave Smoothing Elixir ($20, for salons) and blow-dry with a paddle brush, like the Conair You Brush Paddle Brush ($7, Target stores). Use a flat iron on the ends for sleekness.

    "I feel much more confident, and my hair is still long enough to pull back when I run."

  • Diane Vasil

    Silky, Smooth Curls

    Kristen Domingue, 32

    Mane Change: To make Kristen's strands more manageable, Viggue applied a hydrating blend of hair oil and leave-in cream — we like Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream ($34, Target stores) — on damp hair, raking the products through with his fingers. Then he gently brushed out her tendrils to loosen them up.

  • Diane Vasil

    Silky, Smooth Curls: After

    Tiny Tweak: When blow-drying tight ringlets, use a round metal-barrel brush, which holds heat better for maximum smoothness. Our pick: Remington Be You Glam Round Brush ($8, Walmart stores). Finish by wrapping pieces around a one-inch curling iron to define tendrils.

    "I love that I can now ride my bike and not worry about frizz. I feel like a bombshell!"

  • Diane Vasil

    A Voluminous, Sexy 'Do

    Kate S., 27

    Mane Change: Kate's hair was mostly one thickness and length, so Viggue made her ends slightly uneven to draw attention to her eyes. To style layers, mist a sea salt-based spray on damp strands and apply a few dollops of mousse — try Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse ($26, Sephora stores) — for fullness. Blow-dry hair upside down using your fingers, add waves with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, and tousle with your fingers.

  • Diane Vasil

    A Voluminous, Sexy 'Do: After

    Tiny Tweak: Shore added flecks of chestnut at the ends and crown of Kate's hair. You can boost radiance by smoothing a glossing cream -- a good one is Alterna Bamboo Shine Silk-Sleek Brilliance Cream ($22, Sephora stores) -- on both damp and dry strands daily.

    "I love the way my hair falls away from my face when it's down, and I can still wear it in a ponytail for yoga class."