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This Braid Will Take Your Athleisure Look to the Next Level

Lace Braided Updo

Tired of the same summer staples when it comes to getting your tresses off your neck? Then keep this pretty, romantic low-lacebraid updo in mind! It will be perfect for any occasion this summer—from casual to dressy. The best part is, this hairstyle works on all kinds of texture and any hair just below the shoulders or longer. Follow the steps below to achieve this gorgeous, super-wearable updo.

Lace Braided Updo 1&2

1. Pick up a piece of hair from the side of the head. Divide it into three parts

2. Cross the lower strand over the middle strand.

Lace Braided Updo 3&4

3. Then cross the upper strand over the middle strand, just like you would braid a normal three-strand braid

4. Now the lacebraiding begins. Add hair to the upper strand every time you cross the upper strand over the middle strand. Do not add hair to the lower strand. This is called a lacebraid.

Lace Braided Updo 5&6

5. Continue to braid like this diagonally to the other side of the head. When you reach the other side turn the braid around and start to braid in the opposite direction. Now start to add hair from underneath instead so every time you cross the lower strand over the middle strand add some hair

6. Braid all the way to the other side and when there is no more hair to add, braid a normal three strand braid in the opposite direction with your remaining hair, then secure with a small elastic and pull on the braid a bit for volume.

Lace Braided Updo 7&8

7. Take the end of the braid and place it between the two braids. If you have long hair, fold it first.

8. Secure the braid in place with bobby pins. Add any extra bobby pins where it's needed to keep the updo in place.

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