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How to Protect Hair from Chlorine

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    Rinse with Fresh Water

    "The goal is to keep pool water away from the hair shafts," Krant says. Saturate your hair with fresh water before diving in to slow down the direct access of pool water, she advises. Hit the showers every half hour during longer pool days to re-rinse during and after swimming.

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    Coat with Coconut Oil

    "Coconut oil (or your hair oil of choice) coats hair with a water-resistant shield that protects it from chlorine and copper," Krant says. Leave it in while swimming to help prevent chlorine damage, and check out these 10 other ways to use coconut oil to make the most of the oil you have left over.

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    Wear a Swim Cap

    Caps aren't just for the pros, peeps. They're especially important if your hair is naturally dry, chemically treated, or already breaking from hot styling tools. Chlorine is more powerful on weaker hair.

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    Use Extra Conditioner

    "During weeks of heavy chlorine exposure, using more conditioner than usual will protect the hair before swimming and repair it afterwards," Krant says. She also recommends using hot-oil repair treatments and leave-in conditioners to give your hair extra hydration and shine.

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    Try a Copper-Chelating Shampoo

    It'll remove that green-hair tint. If the shampoo is successful in removing it after one treatment, reusing it is optional, but Krant recommends applying daily if you're jumping in on the reg.

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    Go Natural

    Put down the hot styling tools, ladies! Let your hair air-dry and resist the urge to try out a new summer shade. "This will keep the hair cuticle as smooth as possible, which helps the hair shaft to resist penetration by harsh chlorine and greenifying copper," Krant says.