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Hairstyle & Hair-Care Tips

Better blowouts, everyday hair-styling tips, post-workout hair hints -- it's all here in our healthy hair-care guide. Get salon-ready without the stylist.

The best medium length haircuts for every style. From layered looks to bangs, medium bobs and more these shoulder length styles will definitely stun.

Short haircuts can be intimidating, especially when it also means parting with your go-to gym ponytail.

An itchy scalp and white flakes on your shoulders can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Here's how to deal.

Um, basically the exact opposite of what we were going for.

Keep the rest of your gym look simple, and let your braid be the star of the show!

The trendiest way to express yourself and look like a badass, the undercut is one of the hottest hairstyles of the year.

Permanent hair straightening treatments use harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Here are five natural hair straightening techniques that will leave your hair healthy and smooth.

Fight back against the frizz with these 15 hydrating hair products, and keep your hair looking sleek all season.

Master the art of the low-key, high-impact hairstyle 

These cool-looking Dutch braids (also known as boxer braids) have been popular for decades, so while the Kardashians certainly didn't invent the trend, they've definitely revived it.

Don't you just love this pretty bohemian hairstyle? The best part about this "braid" is that there is no braiding required.

Beauty comes from the inside out, and although treatments and stylers are great, a healthy diet rich with nutrients is the key to cultivating a head of beautiful hair.

Half the trouble with curls is getting them to stay. When you want them to last, follow the steps below for a locker room-approved look that will let you dance the night away.

A waterfall braid on its own is impressive, but when combined with a mermaid braid, your hair will hit a whole new level of awesome. Everyone in the locker room will be taking notes.  

Experts solve your most annoying hair problems. See ya, frizzy hair.

New to the color game? Top stylist Mark Garrison explains the lingo, along with how often you'll need to touch up each method.

This romantic, textured ponytail makes a serious statement without going overboard. If you're looking to take your pony to the next glamour level, give this look a try.

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