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Swimsuit Intervention: Bathing Suits for All Body Types

  • Karen Pearson

    Andriana: Before

    "I'm pretty happy with my weight overall, but I'd love to be able to find a swimsuit that balances my body and makes my legs look longer than they really are!" says Andriana Herrera, 22, from West Paterson, New Jersey.

    Her "before" suit: This bikini's thick horizontal stripes make Andriana's petite body look boxy. The bottom ties draw attention to her thighs while the straight cut doesn't make the most of her legs.

  • Karen Pearson

    Tiffany: Before

    "I have a hard time balancing the amount of coverage I need and my desire to show some skin and feel sexy," says Tiffany Ashley Morris, 22, from Jersey City, New Jersey.

    Her "before" suit: Patterns are tricky, and this large floral print draws attention to Tiffany's trouble zones. The legs are cut too high and the tankini style doesn't suit her shape.

  • Karen Pearson

    Jessica: Before

    "I've never been able to find a flattering suit," says Jessica Bloustein, 25, from Tarrytown, New York. "When I'm at the beach, I have a skirt or robe that I never take off because I hate my thighs."

    Her "before" suit: This strapless top gives Jessica little support, and she's constantly adjusting it to keep it from sliding. The print is outdated, and the light color doesn't offer enough of a contrast with her fair skin.

  • Karen Pearson

    Jen: Before

    "I love my athletic body," says Jen Wagman, 40, a triathlete from New York City. "But sometimes I want to look curvier, especially on top — I don't have much up there to begin with, so any help would be appreciated!"

    Her "before" suit: Jen's lean enough to carry off a string bikini, but the shape accents her boyish look.

  • Karen Pearson

    Christen: Before

    "Since having a baby three years ago, I haven't felt good in a swimsuit and am extremely self-conscious about my stomach," says Christen Clifford, 35, from Jackson Heights, New York. "Plus, I haven't changed styles in a decade and I want to feel modern again!"

    Her "before" suit: This suit is 6 years old and the fabric is worn out. The oversized boy shorts bring attention to her hips instead of making her look smaller.