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Find the Perfect Dress for Your Shape

  • Spencer Jones

    Pear Shape

    Look for a halter dress. "The shape shows off your shoulders, creating the illusion of a more balanced, triangular shape," says Sarah Shirley, a fashion expert for CBS's The Early Show. The width of your hips will seem smaller and in better proportion to your body.

    Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress, $159, available in select Macy's stores

  • Spencer Jones


    "A sheath dress should be your go-to style," Shirley says. The clean, elongated shape helps you look taller and leaner — even more so if you choose one that hits just above or in the middle of your knee (never longer) to play up the narrowest part of your leg.

    Nine West dress, $150,

  • Spencer Jones

    Apple Shape

    "Your squarer torso lacks a defined waistline, so you have to fake it with fashion," Shirley notes. A shirred dress does so perfectly. "The gathering effect pulls in the waistline, causing it to appear slimmer than your top and bottom halves."

    Anne Klein dress, $160,

  • Spencer Jones


    Accentuate your middle with a V-neck dress. "It opens up the chest area and draws the eye downward, making the waist appear narrower," Shirley says. Look for built-in darts and panels, which help define your figure and keep you in place throughout the evening.

    Rebecca Taylor dress, $315, Principessa, Venice, California; 310-450-6696

  • Spencer Jones

    Plus Size

    "A wrap dress looks great on practically every body type, but especially this one," Shirley explains. The structure of the dress hugs the slimmer areas of the body (your shoulders and waist) and remains looser around the lower half.

    Donna Morgan dress, $178, Dillard's stores

  • Rebecca Lacey/Retna UK

    How to Look Your Best in Any LBD

    Whatever dress you choose, look your absolute best with these extra tips:

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