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Fashion For Women Who Like to Work Out

No baggy tees or frumpy sweatpants here! Find the best clothes and gear for your workout, and get expert fashion advice on dressing for your body type.

Whether you're seaside or poolside, cute swimsuits make any day in the sun a little bit more fun. Browse some of this season's most stylish suits and find the perfect one for you.

This season’s one-piece swimsuits are sexier than ever thanks to fringe, cutouts, lace and other intricate designs. Problem spots, solved.

We all know the glowing sheen you get post-workout is the sexiest look you can have. But occasionally it's nice (or necessary) to have a more put-together look.

Valentine's Day: Holiday full of chocolates, lingerie, and pink-red combos everywhere you look. Yawn. Not to mention, buying lingerie can be awkward for your guy and disappointing for you.

Sick of New Year's resolutions that don't stick? Add a few fun fashion goals to the mix.

The always-put-together Kate Middleton was recently spotted leaving an event in—wait for it—a black hoodie. And we loved it.

Flannel is in no way a new trend. Its history can be linked to lumberjacks, '90s grunge rockers, hipsters—the list goes on.

It's the most wonderful time of year—until you spend six hours shopping, your feet start to blister, and you still haven't found a present for your second cousin twice removed. Ugh.

While many of us use this time of year to reflect on the major trends and highlights of 2014, Pantone is all about looking toward the future. And it looks a lot like...marsala.

Ever finish Thanksgiving dinner so full you need to unbutton your pants? (Uh, us neither.) Just in case, track pants can save the day—plus they're in style.

We all know that Beyoncé can work a glitzy dress (and leotard, and bikini). But her new video for "7/11" proves that effortless, everyday loungewear has an appeal, too. To that, we say fin-al-ly.

Does the change in seasons have you feeling uninspired in the workout department?

Fitness watches are no longer just for "serious runners" and techies; these timepieces can help everyone boost their health and get more out of their workouts.

Breast Cancer Awareness month means spreading the word about breast health and encouraging every woman to get checked regularly.

No more stiff you-can-barely-move-in-them blues. This season's superstretchy denim lets you shake -- and shape -- your booty.

Enjoy the sexy look of heels — without foot pain.

These sexy swimsuits give you coverage but still show some skin.

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