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What Exercises Can I Do to Get Rid of a Flat Butt?

Question: "My butt is flat. How can I make my butt fuller or plumper?" Submitted by cw4156

Expert Answer

Do cardio on an incline to burn and firm. You'll work your hips and glutes. Plus, tackling a killer hill routine sculpts your legs and tones your behind. 
Try these exercises: Jumping on a stepmill (that revolving staircase at the gym) or hitting the stairs -- they provide steeper climbs, the same as a 62 percent grade on a treadmill, Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise says. "Even step-ups on a bench or taking a hilly hike will help."

Most Helpful Community Answers

"Let me try to explain what I do! I bend forward and balance myself on just one hand against a couch or something. Then, I kick-back high and to the side like a frog! rapidly. The key here is to kinda allow a drop, like a micro squat with the grounding leg. You know you have it right when you feel a burn in the raised leg cheek and through the full gounding leg. Make any sense? It works quickly, in just two minutes per side per day. You get that stand up from the rear and sculpted look." Submitted by kberry3342

"For about 6 months, I've used a chair to step up and down on (100 x per leg) four times per week, and my butt has never looked better! My boyfriend noticed recently as well, but because I haven't put on weight he couldn't figure out how I got such a round little rump! Great cardio workout as well." Submitted by dbrassard

"I teach fitness classes and have for years, on top of being a certified personal trainer. Squats, lunges & kickbacks work amazing for sculpting a great rear view :) Also, deadlifts with extra concentration on squeezing your glutes and hips forward at the top of the motion creates great lift! Good luck, and don't be afraid to go heavy on the weights!" Submitted by MelissaEik

"I got an amazing butt by doing kettle bell workouts. The combination of cardio and resistance with the free weights lifted my flat but, thinned my belly out, and gave me rock-hard legs. The one ingredient that everyone overlooks in trying to get a great butt is losing the belly, back and side fat. Making your midsection tight will make the muscle development in your butt really stand out." Submitted by dan48807