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What Type of Running Shoes Should I Wear with My Orthotics?

Question: "I have been told that I have collapsed arches. I have prescription orthotics that I use in my running shoes. Should I buy a neutral running shoe, or more of a stability running shoe to use with my orthotics?" Submitted by jenary2

Expert Answer

Place an orthotic insert only in a neutral shoe, which is a sneaker without all the foot-bolstering bells and whistles, says Jeffrey Ross, M.D., a podiatrist in Houston. "An orthotic adds arch support and stabilizes your heel and forefoot -- everything you need for your foot if it overpronates," Dr. Ross says. This means that putting an orthotic into a stabilit-style shoe, which already has those features built in, would be over kill. "The double support would prevent you from pronating enough," he says. Your foot needs some rolling inward and outward for a natural strike and push-off.

Most Helpful Community Answers

"My podiatrist suggested Asics or Saucony as very orthotics friendly shoes. I wear them on a daily basis for my on-my-feet-all-day life. I also wear Ryka when I work out (I am not a runner, but a step, HiiT, kickbox, freak) and all of my different types of Rykas have been very compatible with my orthotics." Submitted by Deily

"I use New Balance sneakers with the Abzorb and Rollbar features - recommended by my podiatrist for overpronation. These work great with my orthotic inserts!" Submitted by luvzmycatz

"I'm a Brooks addict, so when I got my custom orthotics, I got Brooks Dyads because they are a neutral shoe that was recommended by my physical therapist. I haven't looked back since." Submitted by axotiffany