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Why Do I Get Headaches While Running?

Question: "I started running about 2 weeks ago. I noticed that I get really bad headaches after I run. What could be causing that? I can only run for about 5 min, then walk fast, then run again for about 4 min, hen rest again by walking. I can do that for 25 to 45 min. I notice everytime i can run for a longer period of time, but I still get headaches, that's when i have to stop running" Submitted by jaztena

Most Helpful Community Answers

"There is a conditional known as "exertional headache." It is linked to heavy exercise. They are usually benign and are linked to a possibly having inherited a susceptibility for migraines. However, the medical community does recommend checking with your physician to rule out any other possible causes." Submitted by CoachDrMichele

"I had a similar problem: Whenever I would do an intense workout, especially a long or fast run, I would get terrible headaches that would last the rest of the day. I talked to my doctor and she told me that there are three common causes for this kind of headache: drinking caffeine at any point in the day before a workout, not getting enough water during the day or during a workout, and not having eaten recently enough. Cut out the caffeine, drink a lot, and eat a snack 30 mins before workout." Submitted by lion_girl130

"I have sinus problems, which affect my breathing. I had no idea what was causing my headaches and dizzyness until I spoke to my doctor. If you are resting, you're slowing your breathing, and taking deeper more oxygenated breaths. Once I took something to reduce the swelling in my sinuses, I could breathe better, and had fewer issues. Not sure if it relates to you, but it helped me." Submitted by yeehawck