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I Exercise and Eat Healthy. Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Question: "The scale keeps going up! I'm in my mid 40's, workout at the gym twice a week (one high impact cardio class, one strength class) and try to eat well. I know that some of the weight gain is from muscle, but not 10 pounds! One thought is that maybe my heart rate is getting too high on the cardio class. I'm not sure what I can do to start shedding the extra pounds. Help!" Submitted by mdahl301867

Expert Answer

I have some sobering news for you - what you are doing is likely not enough to prevent weight gain. A recent study found middle aged women needed 1 hr/day of exercise to stop weight gain when they were on a normal diet. You are younger than the women in the study, but may need to bump up to 4-5 days. Consider adding in walking or spinning classes which are lower impact and easier on the joints.

- Answered by Dr. Kara Mohr

Most Helpful Community Answers

"The things I have found in losing weight are portion control and drinking plenty of water. Avoiding meats and sweets also will help in losing weight. I agree, spin classes will definitely do the trick. If none of the above seem to help you, and you're healthy overrall, start to love yourself just the way you are until you can reach the goal you want." Submitted by carlaglover31

"Try cutting about 200 calories per day for a week. For example, try swapping a granola bar for grapes, skip the creamer in your coffee, etc. Care for your body with healthy fats like olive and canola oil when cooking (instead of butter), remembering that your body needs fat to burn fat. Swap half the carb portion of your plate (half a roll, half a potato, etc.) with a bright colored veggies. Have lean proteins at every meal like eggs, chicken, and fish. Care for your body, don't deprive it!" Submitted by joycemolly1

"I have been in a similar situation, and can tell you that when I record what I eat — every bite — the pounds come off. I have to exercise 4-5 times a week in order to keep my weight where I want it. Calculate the number of calories you burn in a day (bmr) and keep track of your food intake, and you will probably be shocked. I was, since I feel like I don'tt eat a lot! My friend referred me to — it's a great site to do this. Good luck!" Submitted by ktaubman