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How Do I Stop Binge-Eating at Night?

Question: "Every night, after the commotion of the day, whether I'm sitting down to surf the web or doing homework, I ALWAYS WANT FOOD. Not just a little food, a LOTTA food. I can't stop eating until after 4 bowls of popcorn and 2 glasses of juice or milk are downed and I'm filled with disgust and regret. Even while I'm eating I know I'll regret it, but can't make myself stop." Submitted by tots408

Expert Answer

You can start by eating breakfast, even if it's something small, says Milton Stokes, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "By shifting calories to the morning hours, you will ensure that your nighttime cravings don't have as much of a pull."
Start off with a piece of fruit, then gradually add a serving of whole grain and a source of lean protein, until you're consuming a meal consisting of about 350 calories.

Most Helpful Community Answers

"If this is a nightly habit, eat some fruit, chug a bottle of water, then drink a cup of tea. Wait 10 minutes (I know it can be hard!) around the time you usually binge even if you don't feel it coming. It really works if you're patient. Good luck =)" Submitted by nj910

"Try switching to peanut butter and baby carrots. You will get full very fast. This way, you're getting veggies, protein, and good monounsaturated fats. Instead of sugary juice try water with some super low cal flavor from crystal light." Submitted by sarah6642

"Lots of times that kind of craving comes from anxiety or stress. It happens to me all the time, and i have noticed it more when I am worried about something. I try to exercise so I can de-stress, and drinking two glasses of water always works — at least you wont be able to eat as much! Snack on baby spinach instead. :) try to relax." Submitted by karlapaola_01