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Only fruit for breakfast, good detox or bad for weight loss?

Question: "I've read that you should eat nothing but fruit or fresh squeezed juice for breakfast to finish the detox cycle so you don't shock your body with a big meal (for example Fit For Life). But everywhere else I read says you need to eat a balanced breakfast to lose weight. I'm usually not hungry in the morning so I don't have anything but a fresh squeezed orange about an hour after I wake up. Than I have something to eat 3-4 hours later. Is it still possible to lose all the weight I want this way?" Submitted by jessicaelisabet

Expert Answer

"The most important thing about bfast is to put SOMETHING in your body within ~1 hr of waking. All diets recommend different things-but they all work on the same premise, caloric restriction. A balanced bfast will fuel your body with proper nutrients for a longer period of time. If you don't like to eat a lot in the am, stick with a piece of fruit over the juice, so you get some fiber as well. The key to weight loss is watching calories throughout the day more so than what you eat in the am." 

- Answered by Dr. Kara Mohr

Most Helpful Community Answers

"I would go away from any detox diets and just concentrate on eating a balanced, healthy diet as a regular part of your daily life. That doesn't always mean eating all food groups at each sitting, but getting enough vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and healthy fats throughout the day while cutting down on sugars and unhealthy fats. Do this while getting at least half an hour of exercise a day at least three days a week and you'll lose weight gradually and permanently." Submitted by alayna_petre