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Easy Ways to Cut Mega Calories

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Lighten Your Lunch

1. Use a teaspoon of dry-roasted sunflower seeds instead of croutons on your salad. "You'll get a healthy crunch with more protein, vitamins, and minerals," Levine says. Save: 30 to 50 calories

2. Swap candied walnuts for an ounce of raisins on your salad. Save: 115 calories

3. Choose a 6-inch turkey sub instead of tuna the next time you're at Subway. Save: 220 calories

4. Spread a wedge of light cheese on your sandwich instead of using a slice of Swiss. Save: 71 calories

5. Order a cup of egg drop soup instead of a cup of wonton soup. Save: 50 to 100 calories

6. Order a bowl of the Broccoli Cheese soup rather than the Loaded Baked Potato soup at Chili's. Save: 180 calories

7. Have a Burger King cheeseburger instead of the BK Veggie Burger. Save: 110 calories

8. Order any of Taco Bell's Fresco tacos or burritos instead of a salad. Save: 510 to 760 calories

9. Get an open-face grilled chicken sandwich with a half serving of fries and a side salad instead of a burger and fries. Save: 300 to 500 calories

Eat Out for Less

Restaurant meals tend to be loaded with more fat and calories than we realize, Levine says. Order healthy with these tips.

1. At Olive Garden, opt for the Mussels di Napoli instead of the fried calamari for your appetizer. Save: more than 700 calories

2. Top pasta with the Roasted Garlic Cream sauce instead of the Alfredo sauce at Macaroni Grill. Save: 250 calories

3. Ask for chicken and fish to be grilled instead of fried. Save: 150 to 250 calories

4. Order the Parmesan Shrimp Pasta instead of the Parmesan Chicken Pasta at Ruby Tuesday. Save: almost 400 calories

5. At Red Lobster, request extra lemons and limes for your lobster or shrimp instead of butter. Save: 350 calories

6. At Chinese restaurants, choose stir-fried dishes, like broccoli beef, rather than deep-fried, like orange chicken. Save: 200 to 300 calories

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evencowgirlsget wrote:

Is that a typo or are you seriously recommending people eat a BK cheeseburger INSTEAD of a veggie burger??? Veggie burgers won't kill you, and cheeseburgers can, not to mention it takes more than 10x the amount of fossil fuel to create 1 calorie of a cheeseburger than it does to create 1 calorie of a veggie burger.

9/27/2012 12:51:40 PM Report Abuse
tunasushister wrote:

just sounds like an anorexic's advice to people. some of these things are so ridiculous. 4 people sharing a waffle and omelette? throwing half your bagel away? lame.

9/26/2012 01:54:05 PM Report Abuse
aereish2 wrote:

this article assume eating out for bfast is a norm. This did nothing to help a real daily bfast menu. We should not be eating eggs every morning even if they are helathy eggs. this articel had no practical use for me.

9/26/2012 11:52:59 AM Report Abuse
daynasilver wrote:

Stevia is made from a Brazilian ragweed. Keep that in mind if you have allergies.

11/23/2011 10:06:29 AM Report Abuse
sharonhaworth1 wrote:

Poor advice about sweetening with Splenda. There's all kinds of research that show this to be very unhealthy. Try using stevia instead. It's all natural and has no calories. It is very sweet so requires only a pinch.

11/23/2011 09:36:12 AM Report Abuse

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