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Tri-Umphant! 10 Weeks to Your First Sprint Tri

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Smart Nutrition Rules

Rule: Drink up.

"Fluids are your first priority," notes Marni Sumbal, RD, a triathlete coach and sports dietitian in Jacksonville, Florida. Aim for five to six ounces every 15 minutes; stick with water on your shorter training days (one hour or less) and sports drinks with carbs and electrolytes on longer and more intense ones. The easiest place to sip is on your bike, so equip it with a water bottle cage before you start pedaling, for both training and race day.

Rule 2: Practice.

"Most people can digest anything when they go slowly; it's when you ramp up intensity that you run into tummy trouble," Sumbal says. Sample various sports drinks or effervescent electrolyte tablets during your training to make sure they agree with you when you race. "You'll be pushing a little harder than normal, and this extra nutrition will help your body handle that added stress," Sumbal explains. Look for a drink that contains about 30 to 60 grams of carbs in about 20 to 28 ounces of fluid.

Rule 3: Fuel up for the start.

About two to three hours before the race, eat a 200- to 300-calorie breakfast of mostly carbs and a little protein, such as toast with peanut butter; oatmeal, nuts, and fruit; or a hard-boiled egg, yogurt, and an orange. "That should be enough to keep you going for the next few hours," Sumbal says.

Rule 4: Don't overdo it.

You'll probably burn 600 to 700 calories in a sprint race, but you can't replace everything you're burning. Shoot for 120 to 200 calories an hour, which you can get from a sports drink. For longer train?ing sessions or races, you may need to take along sports gels for a boost.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, May 2013.


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angie1295 wrote:

I read Tri-Umphant on April 19, registered for a sprint tri the next day and started training on 5/6. I feel amazing! I've lost 8 lbs, shed a ton of fat from my back/arms and am probably in the best shape I have ever been in during my almost 48 yrs - better than when I was 20! I've even been inspired to register for my first half-marathon. Thanks for an awesome article, a great training program and for inspiring me to reach for even greater heights of achievement!

6/21/2013 12:34:43 PM Report Abuse
r127allen wrote:

Laura, my name is Twinki and I have been cycling for now 2mos. and @ 1st,. I was losing weight, but now, my legs still have fat, and cellulite and the weight loss is at a stand still, what should I do? before going any further... I am going to start swimming,and jogging and thinking about putting my bike to rest a few.... What do you think???

5/31/2013 08:20:36 PM Report Abuse
paulphonix784 wrote:

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vincentdennis683 wrote:

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sarah.c.mcdani1 wrote:

I love the 10 week training plan and it showed up in my mailbox literally the day after I decided to do my first tri! But I have a few questions about the workouts. SWIM: what is a easy, kick, and fast definitions and what is considered recovered (i.e. back to resting hr?). BIKE: what is the recommended distance of the hill in the "hill repeats"? RUN: in "speed repeats" how should I gauge "fast"? Thanks so much for the additional insight :)

4/17/2013 12:36:53 AM Report Abuse

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