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Triathlon Training Plans

Explore our triathlon training plans, including swimming, cycling and running workouts. Plus, find tips on what to eat while you train, how to choose the right equipment and more.

Swim, bike, run—sounds fun, right? It can also feel a bit overwhelming, but there's no need for your first triathlon to be scary.

Your bod was built for running. And the more you do, the hotter and healthier you get. Whether you want to slim down or speed up, we've got the tips, training plans and sweet gear that will move you.

Training for a triathlon with my pals brought out our inner rivals. Could our relationship go the distance?

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of stuff that goes into doing triathlons. Luckily, you don't have to rent a storage unit or break the bank to make it to the finish line.

Conquer the open water. Master the bike and the run. We've got everything you need to finish your first triathlon feeling strong and confident.

Just signed up for a tri? Go you! Wondering what to do next? Just start right here.

Ready to swim, cycle, and run? We asked fitness bloggers who've tri-ed for their top training tips, best race day advice, and gear recommendations.

Training for a tri? Check out the running, biking, and swimming gear that helped writer (and triathlete!) Rachel Sturtz cross the finish line.

In an exercise rut? Training for a triathlon was the perfect antidote for this gym dropout.

Get the sleek arms of a swimmer, the firm butt of a cyclist, and the toned legs of a runner in just 8 weeks with this beginner-friendly training plan.