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The 11 Fittest Moments of 2011

Take a look back at the most jaw-dropping weight-loss transformations, health news, and biggest fitness moments from the past year.

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Bryan McCay
Ricki Lake on Dancing with the Stars 2011
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#11: Kim Kardashian Is Diagnosed with Psoriasis

We know, we're tired of hearing about them too. But thanks to Kim's trip to the doc on E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this more-common-than-you-think skin condition was given some serious spotlight. More than 250,000 people are diagnosed with psoriasis (where skin gets very red and flaky, almost resembling scales) a year. Not only was this a "Stars, They're Just Like Us!" moment, but hopefully the episode helped others affected with this condition.

Find out how exercise can help with psoriasis

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#10: Paula Radcliffe Loses World Record to Herself

Britain's famous runner was stripped of her world record this year after the International Association of Athletics Federations passed a new rule stating females who race with male pacers run unnaturally faster than if they had ran the race alone or with a female pacer -- which voided all female records set with male pacers. Radcliffe ran the 2003 London Marathon in 2:15:25 -- the fastest time ever ran by a woman (but with male pacers). Radcliffe's former record is now considered "world's best" and the new record went to the next fastest time, which was Radcliffe again for her time at the 2005 London Marathon of 2:17:42. Oh, irony.

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#9: The DWTS Weight-Loss Plan

Looking to shed a few stubborn plans? Seems like Hollywood found the secret ingredient -- dancing the weight off. Contestants on this year's seasons of Dancing with the Stars have shrunk right before our very eyes, as they danced it out for the Mirror Ball trophy. Kirstie Alley lost 38 inches, shrinking from a size 12 to a 6, while Ricki Lake most recently shed 25 pounds from being on the show. We enjoyed watching the contestants cha-cha-chisel each week, and hope they continue to keep the weight off outside the ballroom!

Try our 10-minute workout to belly dance ab flab away

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#8: The Food Pyramid Gets a Facelift

Toss out that silly little triangle that tells you what a healthy diet should look like. Now you can look at MyPlate, the revamped version of the nutritional guide. Designed to be more comprehensive (hence the plate, since typically the only triangle-shaped things we eat are pizza), MyPlate is separated into four easy sections with the sweets, fats, and oils category completely removed and meats and beans combined into the protein category.

Get more information on MyPlate and the USDA's new healthy eating recommendations

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#7: Giuliana Rancic's Battle with Breast Cancer

E! entertainment host Giuliana Rancic is not one to shy away from the public eye. After showing viewers her infertility struggles on her Style Network show Giuliana and Bill, she shared another health tidbit with fans in October -- she was in the early stages of battling breast cancer. Since news broke, Rancic has had a double lumpectomy, a double mastectomy, and has stressed the importance of early detection for women.

Make sure to feel your melons! Read this need-to-know guide for healthy breasts

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#6: Fit Pregnancies

Bring out the baby bumps! 2011 welcomed a slew of celebrity offspring, including announcements from Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner, and more A-list babies that are on the way. We couldn't help but notice during our bump watch how many mommies-to-be were staying active during their pregnancies, like January Jones (pictured) hitting up a prenatal yoga class. Smart move, ladies. Exercising while expecting can boost your energy, make labor easier, and help you bounce back faster once baby is born.

Get the real facts about what happens to your body after having a baby

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#5: Women Who Will Kick Your (Gr)ass

The US Women's Soccer Team scored some much deserved attention this year when they beat France to make it to the World Cup finals, the first time since 1991. Hope Solo, the team's goalkeeper, also got some media love after recovering from shoulder surgery the year prior and playing her heart out during the series. Thanks ladies, for showing the boys that the girls can play with the best of them!

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#4: Indoor Tanning Banned in California

The sunshine state made big strides this year in the fight against skin cancer by being the first state to ban indoor tanning for minors. The new law prohibits anyone under 18 to use a tanning bed, even if they have parental permission. New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all considering passing a similar law, while four other states attempts to pass the ban failed this year. Come on guys, get on board!

What's your skin cancer risk? Find out with this checklist

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#3: Mariah Carey's New BFF Jenny

As in Jenny Craig. Not only did the brand debut a sexier logo by dropping the Craig, they signed on the sexy singer as its newest spokesperson. The new mom recently dropped 30 pounds on the program following the birth of her twins, looking curvy, healthy, and drop-dead stunning!

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#2: Free Birth Control!

We gave a cheer when the Department of Health and Human Services ruled that health insurance plans would cover women's preventative services (as of August 12, 2012), thanks to new guidelines under the Affordable Care Act. This includes annual trips to the gynecologist, domestic violence assistance and screening, and FDA-approved contraception that you get a prescription for, such as birth control. Safe sex just got a lot more wallet-friendly.

Find the best birth control for your lifestyle

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#1: The Butt Ogled Around the World

We'd like to say it was just men who were obsessed with Pippa Middleton's butt at the Royal Wedding, but women were just as -- if not more -- obsessed with the maid of honor's derriere. Since spotting the regal backside, gyms have hopped on the butt bandwagon and created butt-shaping classes so you can get a rump just like Pippa's. There's even a new plastic surgery craze for a Pippa butt lift! We suggest mimicking her tush the old-fashioned way: lunges and squats.

Originally published on, December 2011.

Try these moves to look hotter from behind (and maybe even get mistaken for Pippa!)

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