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Sarah Chalke's Stay-Slim Secrets

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Sarah on Her Eating Habits and the Hollywood Diet

FITNESS: What's your worst health habit?
Sarah Chalke: I drink coffee and tea at temperatures that are way too high. Sucking down scalding hot beverages is just not a good idea.

FITNESS: What's your best health habit?
Sarah Chalke: Wearing sunscreen every day. Right before Scrubs was starting, we lost my aunt to melanoma and my grandmother to cancer. It definitely made me feel a little less invincible. My aunt was the healthiest person I've ever known. She meditated and did yoga and was a vegetarian her whole life, but she lived in Sri Lanka for 10 years and was always in the sun. Now my whole family is just OCD about using sunscreen.

FITNESS: Are you the kind of celebrity who nibbles two celery sticks and calls it dinner?
Sarah Chalke: No! I was raised to eat good-for-you foods, but we often had pie or ice cream for dessert. So that's how I eat now -- I love really, really healthy stuff followed by a really, really naughty dessert, like pumpkin pie. Dark chocolate is my favorite. I sometimes make hot-chocolate soup, which is basically a thick bar of chocolate melted and topped with whipped cream.

FITNESS: What foods are always in your refrigerator?
Sarah Chalke: Eggs, apples, peanut butter, and fresh berries. In my drawer there's dark chocolate, and I have an entire cabinet of different kinds of teas.

FITNESS: Would you eat differently if you weren't in Hollywood?
Sarah Chalke: I would like to say no, but I think the answer is probably yes. There are definitely pressures in this business to look a certain way. I believe you have to try to find a happy medium and put your health first. I don't even own a scale, actually.

FITNESS: If you could place your own personal motto on a bumper sticker, what would it be?
Sarah Chalke: "Life's uncertain; eat dessert first." I can't take credit for that quote, but I really believe in it.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, March 2009.


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wells.iyobosa wrote:

Hi, thanks for this informative articles, i did well in reading it, i think this too count

7/6/2013 09:12:52 AM Report Abuse
robinedaniels wrote:

I have to say, I really want to know what brand of lingerie Sarah Chalke wears on "Scrubs". There are some gorgeous bras that I would love to have. What are they? Where can I buy them? Thank you.

9/11/2012 12:13:14 PM Report Abuse
danessf wrote:

Her ¿Scrubs¿ character Elliot¿s the type you¿d have to ask why she became an M.D. You¿d expect her to get into psychiatry so she could self-medicate. But she goes all over the place, being brilliant, being clumsy, being stupid, insane, rational, book-smart, ditzy, wise, silly, goony, deep and then more. Elliot is supposed to be a little of every woman, every woman there ever was or will be.

1/13/2011 07:20:57 PM Report Abuse
danessf wrote:

After hearing all about the Xflosion and seeing what it's done for Chalke... oh, I'm going to give this more than a try! I read articles right here on FITNESS dishing the "Scrubs," like Chalke and recurring-player Elizabeth Banks, getting some of their health tips... yeah. Yeah, I'm in. And as for Chalke... well, she certainly looks golden here. A cover girl for any magazine.... I love Sarah. That I do. And you FITNESS guys for giving me these "tips of trade." --All Kind of Love, Dane Youssef

1/13/2011 07:19:55 PM Report Abuse

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