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Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn's Lower-Body Workout

Lindsey Vonn sweats by one principle: "I do everything I can to get in shape," she says. With a training day that begins before breakfast and ends at 5 p.m., her repertoire includes "a thousand different exercises." She let us in on five faves that will help you sculpt from the waist down.

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Jonathan Skow
Jonathan Skow
Jonathan Skow
Jonathan Skow
Single-Leg Ball Squat
Jonathan Skow
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Targets: Abs and quads

-- Kneel on ground, toes tucked under, and place elbows on center of stability ball.

-- Lift knees off ground and straighten legs so that body forms a straight line from head to heels.

-- Hold for 45 to 60 seconds or as long as you can.

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Twist Tuck

Targets: Abs and obliques

-- Get into full push-up position on ground with shins resting on stability ball.

-- Keeping upper body still, bend knees into chest and toward the left.

-- Return to start and repeat, this time tucking knees to right, to complete 1 rep.

-- Do 6 to 12 reps.

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Hamstring Curl

Targets: Butt and hamstrings

-- Lie faceup on ground with arms slightly out to sides, knees bent and calves resting on center of stability ball, feet flexed.

-- Lift hips off ground and bend knees to bring stability ball toward you.

-- Keeping hips lifted throughout, extend legs to roll ball back to start and repeat curl.

-- Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

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Quadruped Pulse

Targets: Back, abs, obliques, and butt

-- Lie facedown with belly on center of stability ball, toes on ground and palms on ball.

-- Extend left arm forward and lift right leg behind you so that they are parallel to ground.

-- Lift and lower arm and leg 1 or 2 inches, completing 15 to 20 pulses.

-- Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 set.

-- Do 3 sets.

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Single-Leg Ball Squat

Targets: Butt and quads

-- Stand with arms at chest level so that hands overlap, left knee bent so that shin rests on center of a stability ball about 2 feet behind you.

-- Bend right knee about 90 degrees to squat, knee behind toes. Return to start.

-- Do 15 reps per leg. Do 3 sets.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2011.

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rbhinz wrote:

Creative spin on familiar exercises. Great role- model to :)

3/26/2012 11:22:45 PM Report Abuse
4petesake1 wrote:

same exercises, different model yawn

2/1/2011 09:18:11 PM Report Abuse

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