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Isla Fisher's Tone Up, Calm Down Yoga Routine

Firm and find your happy place with Isla's fave yoga poses from her instructor, Kirschen Hagenlocher.

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Up dog yoga pose
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Up Dog

Targets chest, back, and arms

Begin in full plank pose, palms on floor shoulder-width apart. Lower hips and tops of feet to floor while lifting chest through arms, keeping chin neutral and shoulders pressed back. Hold, pressing through palms, for 5 full breaths, then return to plank. Do 4 to 8 reps.

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Targets shoulders and abs

Squat, placing hands on floor shoulder-width apart, elbows bent, and lift heels. Rest shins on back of arms. Engage abs and squeeze elbows in, then slowly start to lift hips, bringing one foot off floor at a time until legs are balancing on backs of arms. Aim for 3 reps.

MAKE IT EASIER: Balance by lifting one leg at a time.

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Glute Buster

Targets butt and hamstrings

Lie faceup on floor, legs bent with heels directly under knees, feet parallel and arms at sides, palms down. Lift hips a few inches off floor and extend right leg, keeping thighs level. Hold for a count of 12. Keeping hips lifted, switch legs. Do 10 reps per side.

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King Dancer

Targets shoulders and quads

Stand with feet together. Shift weight to right leg, lifting left leg and bending knee behind you. Clasp left ankle with left hand as you raise right arm forward. Tilt chest up and forward while pressing left foot back and up. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths; switch sides and repeat.

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Thigh Stretch

Targets butt, inner thighs, and calves

Begin in a low squat, heels lifted. Extend left leg out to left side with foot flexed and toes spread. Clasp hands together in front of chest, elbows out to sides. Hold, keeping chest lifted, and feel the stretch along the inside of left leg. Hold for 10 breaths; switch sides and repeat.

MAKE IT EASIER: Keep hands on floor.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, May 2013.

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