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Secrets of the Stars: Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainers

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Hollywood Fitness Secrets of 30-Year-Olds

Thirty Wow!

Families, kids, and multiple career changes may keep these Hollywood stars busy, but training hard means they're staples of the paparazzi's hit lists.

Punch Things Up
Alicia Keys' fave way to melt off more than 600 calories? An hour of high-octane kickboxing with trainer Jeanette Jenkins. "It's a fun way to let out all the stress while toning your entire body, especially if you blast music and do it with a pal," says Jenkins, who often leads Keys, 33, through combos like a front kick, double jab, and cross-body punch, 20 to 25 reps, alternating sides.

Push Yourself
Minka Kelly, 32, is always looking to challenge herself in her workouts, says Anna Kaiser, a trainer for AKT Inmotion. One total-body move that gets the job done: the jackknife. Begin in full plank position with hands on floor and shins on an exercise ball behind you. Keeping legs straight, lift hips toward ceiling as you roll ball toward hands; then roll back to plank. Do 10 to 12 reps. "It's a fantastic full-body move that will work both strength and stability," Kaiser says.

Don't Waste Time
"People think that celebs are working out for four hours a day, but that's not true. They are actually in and out in an hour," says trainer Ashley Conrad, the owner of Clutch in Los Angeles, who has worked with Kate Hudson, 34. "It's not about how long you're working out; it's about how hard you're working out." Try this quick cardio-and-strength circuit: Do 15 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds of rest; 15 seconds of lunges, 10 seconds of rest; 15 seconds of high knees, 10 seconds of rest; 15 seconds of ice skaters, 10 seconds of rest.

Play Ball
She's known for busting dance moves, but Britney Spears, 31, trained like an athlete to don those curve-hugging minis for The X Factor. "We focus on total-body exercises, like side shuffles while catching a medicine ball," her trainer Derek DeGrazio says. He also makes her play this ab-carving game of toss: As Spears kneels about 20 feet away, DeGrazio rolls a medicine ball to her, which she picks up and throws back to him as hard as possible. "Then she drops onto her hands, does a modified push-up, gets up, and does it all over again," DeGrazio says. Shoot for 20 reps.

Swing It
Megan Hilty, 32, is an accomplished Broadway vet who's in great shape from singing and dancing, so trainer Dasha Libin Anderson says she has to pull out "the big guns" to truly challenge her. One of the Smash star's favorite moves is the Kettlebell Killer Combo: Hold a kettlebell (or any weight of eight to 12 pounds) in both hands at chest level. Squat, keeping body weight over heels, then quickly explode up onto balls of feet while raising kettlebell overhead. Return to start position, then explosively pivot off both feet as you turn to left and lift kettlebell overhead. Repeat on opposite side; do this move continuously for one minute.

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