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FITNESS Better Body Plan

Shape up with superspeedy workouts, a calorie-trimming diet and some you've-lost-it-so-flaunt it swimwear. Here's to your hottest summer yet!
7 months ago
Don't sizzle on the sidelines — these sporty, sexy suits are built for action. Find the one that fits your shape and get in the game. More
7 months ago
The latest crop of wearable tech gadgets can track your every move, the number of calories you burn, even the quality of your sleep. But are these devices the key to a fitter body or are they a case of information overload? Here, get the verdict on whether you should plug in to shape up. More
7 months ago
Strength routine to sculpt all over? Check. Cardio program to blast fat? Done. Groundbreaking list of the latest, greatest flat-belly superfoods? Coming right up! More than half of U.S. adults have way too much abdominal fat. In fact, the average American woman's waist measures 37 1/2 inches (it should be 35, max). Luckily, belly fat is the easiest kind of fat to lose if you stay active and eat right. Aim for about 1,500 calories a day while incorporating these middle-whittling power foods, backed by research, into your diet. One tester who did so lost two inches from her belly in just three weeks! More
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