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FITNESS Better Body Plan

Shape up with superspeedy workouts, a calorie-trimming diet and some you've-lost-it-so-flaunt it swimwear. Here's to your hottest summer yet!
3 months ago
You've got a goal. We've got the way to nail it. Drop up to 10 pounds—and five inches—in four weeks with this peel-it-off plan. First, join us at to follow our plan using the free Lose It! calorie-tracker app. All the moves you'll see below are built in so you can take it on the go. (Psst! So are the weekly prizes, which you'll go gaga for.) Then, plot your Firm It and Burn It workouts each week, and pair 'em with our delicious all-day eats. You'll shrink two sizes this month—our testers lost up to 10 pounds, three inches from their abs and two from their hips!—and finally hit that happy weight you've always dreamed about.    More
3 months ago
There's a new way to boost your metabolism—and it starts at your next meal. Research shows that eating the right foods increases your body's ability to torch calories, which helps speed up your slim-down. The delicious recipes here—pancakes, pizza, pasta and more—are packed with these potent fat fighters. Get ready to start the New Year 10 pounds lighter and 100 percent happy and healthy. More
11 months ago
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