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Girl Power: The Workout Playlist

Girl Power: The Workout Playlist

I'd been listening to my husband's workout music for two years when I finally decided to make my own workout playlist. He's got great taste in music, but his mix of workout songs was all wrong — focused exclusively on a driving beat, with no attention to the emotions behind the lyrics. But some of his picks were perfectly positive and empowering, like "Good Luck," by the Basement Jaxx. And finally, after two years too long, I realized my entire workout playlist should be just that.

So here is the somewhat cheesy, but always energizing mix I came up with. It's a healthy combination of songs that celebrate women ("American Girl"), hate men ("You're So Vain"), and make you just want to be the best, better than all the rest. (Thank you, Tina.)

"American Girl" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
"The Best" - Tina Turner
"Good Luck" - Basement Jaxx
"Dancing Queen" - ABBA
"You're So Vain" - Carly Simon
"Just a Girl" - No Doubt
"I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor
"Freedom" - George Michael
"Holiday" - Madonna
"Fighter" - Christina Aguilera
"Crazy in Love" - Beyonce
"Road Rage" - Catatonia
"Like a Virgin" - Madonna
"Glamorous" - Fergie (for your cool down)


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