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Find Your Footing: The Best Running Shoes


Find Your Perfect Running Shoes

You need a good pair of sneakers to have a great run. Here, we have shoes for your needs, whether it's more cushioned support, motion control, or protection for cross-country off-road runs.

Find the perfect running shoes for your feet

The Best Sneakers for Cushion Support

The Best Sneakers for Cross-Country Running

The Best Stability Sneakers

The Best Motion-Control Sneakers

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What's Your Foot Type?

Before you fall in love with these hot sneakers, take a minute to figure out which one will be right for the shape of your foot. The flatter your arch is, the more you pronate (turn your foot inward as you land) and the more you need wobble control in an athletic shoe. "If you can't get your stride examined at a specialty running store, try this simple arch test before you shop," says John Hanc, coauthor of Running for Dummies.

When you're laying out a chunk of change for a sneaker, you want an expert fit. Get one at home with our DIY guide.

You'll need: one brown bag, one baking tray, water

  1. Place left foot in a tray of water to get your sole wet.
  2. Step onto a brown paper bag, forming a footprint.
  3. Find out your foot type by matching the shape on the bag with the descriptions below.

If you see almost your entire foot, you have a flat arch: You need a motion-control shoe.

If you see about half your arch, you have a normal arch: You need a stability shoe.

If you see just your heel, ball and toes, you have a high arch: You need a cushioning, or neutral, shoe.

Shop for Sneakers

Shopping on a shoestring? Check out these six Web sites, which offer last season's styles for cheap.

Great for competitively priced backpacks, apparel, and trail runners, from brands like The North Face, Salomon and others.

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Click on the "Sporting Goods" category and then "Running" to bid on sneakers searchable by brand, sport, and size.

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Sells all the top-shelf kicks at up to $50 off and has a special section for wide sizes.

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Shoes and apparel with deals at 40 percent off.

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Big-name sneaks like Nike and Adidas at up to half off.

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10 percent discounts on tons of sneakers from every major manufacturer.

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Originally published on, June 2008.

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