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Best Workout DVDs

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Instructional exercise videos for cardio, core, Pilates and abs workout.

DVDs 1-10

Whether you're in the mood to twist yourself into a pretzel or dance off calories, the options are seemingly limitless. We narrowed down the choices for you, and present our top picks for spring and summer.

1. Best for: Making You Sweat
Amy Bento: Hi/Lo Xtreme
Estimated calories burned: 500
Equipment: None
Why we love it: The tough routines combine aerobics and plyometrics.
Tester says: "Bento offers 10 variations for the perfect workout every time." (67 minutes; $16.95;

2. Best for: Head-to-Toe Sculpting
NYC "A New You Coming"
Estimated calories burned: 470
Equipment: 3- and 5-pound dumbbells and a step (optional)
Why we love it: Instructor Kelly Coffey-Meyer never slows down, so you burn mega calories and hit every muscle group.
Tester says: "Switching from upper-body to lower-body moves makes the routine feel easier." (55 minutes; $20;

3. Best for: Stability-Ball Makeovers
Keli Roberts Time Saver Workouts: A.S.A.P. Abdominals, Spine, and Posture
Estimated calories burned: 140
Equipment: Stability ball
Why we love it: The ball moves target your back, core, and legs.
Tester says: "The opposite arm/leg lift really helped improve my balance." (32 minutes; $14.95;

4. Best for: Yoga in a Hurry
Perfect in Ten Yoga
Estimated calories burned: 30 (per 10-minute session)
Equipment: None
Why we love it: You'll feel energized, stronger, and more flexible in minutes.
Tester says: "My posture drastically improved." (60 minutes; $9.99;

5. Best for: Back to Basics
Jillian Michaels: The Complete Workout for Beginners
Estimated calories burned: 370-460
Equipment: 3- to 5-pound dumbbells and a resistance band (optional)
Why we love it: Michaels makes circuit training effective and easy to follow.
Tester says: "I toned up -- no gym required!" (97 minutes; $24.95 for a two-DVD set;

6. Best for: Sashaying Away the Pounds
Dance Off the Inches: Sizzling Salsa
Estimated calories burned: 180
Equipment: None
Why we love it: Three routines get hips moving and heart rates soaring.
Tester says: "This was fun and challenging." (55 minutes; $14.98;

7. Best for: Trimming Your Tummy
10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat
Estimated calories burned: 40 (per 10-minute session)
Equipment: None
Why we love it: From Pilates to crunches!
Tester says: "I get bored, so the variety was perfect." (54 minutes; $14.98;

8. Best for: Burning Mucho Calories
Get Ripped 1,000 with Jari Love
Estimated calories burned: 1,000
Equipment: 10- and 15-pound dumbbells
Why we love it: There's no downtime -- the strength moves and cardio keep you moving nonstop.
Tester says: "It's as intense as some classes I've taken at the gym, but the instructions are clear." (70 minutes; $14.99;

9. Best for: Getting a Pilates-Perfect Body
Pilates Core Challenge
Estimated calories burned: 225
Equipment: None
Why we love it: It targets your entire core and is friendly enough for beginners, but still challenging for Pilates vets.
Tester says: "There were crazy-hard side planks that worked my whole body." (60 minutes; $14.98;

10. Best for: The Totally Time Starved
Denise Austin: Boot Camp Total Body Blast!
Estimated calories burned: 350
Equipment: 3- to 5-pound dumbbells
Why we love it: You get three great workouts -- cardio, strength, and stretching -- all in 20 minutes or less.
Tester says: "It's like attending an awesome kickboxing class with sports drills thrown in." (50 minutes; $14.95;

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quickfitchick wrote:

i tried this workout dvd called have no limits it was pretty good it got me in great shape i found out about the dvd because its from the same guy that does workout on comcast ondemand his name is robert jones you can get it off

5/26/2014 02:25:17 PM Report Abuse
dominicdibernar wrote:

I really like P90X and would rate that as the top workout dvd program on the market. Check it out

8/20/2011 09:13:41 AM Report Abuse

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