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Workout Clothes, Running Shoes, and Gear

Find the right running shoes, sports bra, workout clothing, and exercise gear with FITNESS's expert guides.

Build more muscle to burn more calories. This weightlifting gear will help you blast fat in no time.

When you hit the gym, you want workout clothes that are cute AND functional—we get it! Here are the brands that check every box, no matter how you like to break a sweat.

If your mantra is “lift heavy or go home,” then you need the right weights and weightlifting equipment to make your goal a reality. These weights are as heavy duty and long-lasting as you are.

From the marathon runner to the golf pro, there's a gadget to help any tech lover take her workout to the next level.

From the snow trails to the lodge, these gifts will warm the hearts of your favorite skier or snowboarder.

Our picks for the yogi, cardio queen, outdoor adventurer, and studio hopper on your list.

Because there shouldn't be anything but music going into your ears.

Nobody wants to downward dog into a mat full of germs.

Because sticking your hand into a sweaty abyss isn't all that appealing.

Time to give it a scrub-a-dub-dub.

Just think about all the sweat that comes along with those miles.

You never know—they could help you run faster.

Apps and devices that track your workouts can be a great way to help you reach your fitness goals. But is it possible to become too dependent?

Sure, the athletes will stun us with fast splits, on-point floor routines, and aerobatic dives. But the gear they wear while doing it has us swooning too.

You can have your own personal yoga your pants. And no, it's not dirty.

There are mixed feelings about the babydoll style on Wimbledon's classy grounds.

We're all about comfort when it comes to workouts, but why compromise style? You'll want to wear these running shoes long after your morning trip to the gym.