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Workout Clothes, Running Shoes, and Gear

Find the right running shoes, sports bra, workout clothing, and exercise gear with FITNESS's expert guides.

Plus size ladies can get in on the fun activewear trend we're seeing so much of. Here's a look at some cute pieces—no baggy T-shirts in sight.

Mix up your fitness routine with resistance bands. Choose from a variety ranging from lightweight to heavy to build muscle and increase your flexibility. 

The days of sacrificing style for comfort are over. It’s time to spend more time mastering your planks and punches and less time adjusting your uncomfortable bottoms.

A set of dumbbells is an essential part of any home workout routine, but they're not all created equal. Shop our favorite dumbbells to find the set that works for you.

These pull-up bars will take your at-home upper body workouts to the next level

With hundreds of exercises to tone and tighten, kettlebell weights are an inexpensive way to switch up your workout routine. Choose the one that works for you. 

Warning: You'll want to wear these golf shoes far off the course.

These workout tanks are cute enough to wear anywhere. Get ready, Casual Friday.

The perfect pair of workout leggings is like the perfect pair of jeans. Once you find your match, you'll never stray. We've put together some obsess-worthy pairs—find your match among them.

Thinking of canceling that gym membership? We found nine elliptical machines for buyers on a budget, so you can get your cardio on without the crowd.

Rowing targets your shoulders, back and abs to help you tone up and slim down. Boost your at-home burn with one of these low-impact rowing machines. Go ahead, park it in front of the TV.

Get to every ball with speed and agility in the perfect pair of tennis shoes. Check out these 18 tennis shoes to help you kick butt on the court this season.

Celebrate National Bike Month with these wallet (and waist)-friendly wheels. 

Hoodies are an essential part of any woman’s closet. Whether you need one for the gym or your next camping trip, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Bosu balls are perfect for taking your workout to the next level. From squats to pushups, bosu balance boards are great devices to sculpt your glutes, abs and arms.

Don’t let your uncomfortable underwear keep you from a highly productive workout. The best underwear for women grip in all the right places, wick sweat and stay hidden under your capris.

Foam rollers are the ultimate "hurts so good" fitness must-have. Find the one that fits your needs, then thank us later.