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From Flab to Fab: Tone Up in 15 Minutes

Stop muffin top, nip hips, and trim thighs! This Pilates and plyometrics routine tones every trouble zone.

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Targets: Abs, butt, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned outward 45 degrees and arms extended out to sides at shoulder level, palms down.
  • Bend knees until thighs are parallel to floor and lower arms so that wrists cross in front of hips.

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Bend and Stretch

Targets: Shoulders, back, abs, butt, thighs, and calves

  • Start in downward dog: Get on all fours on mat, tuck toes under and press hips up to form an inverted V.

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Targets: Arms, abs, obliques, butt, and thighs

  • Lunge right leg out to right, toes pointing right, left leg straight. Press palms together overhead with elbows bent about 90 degrees out to sides (like a genie).
  • Keeping hips squared, side bend at waist toward right.
  • Next, reach with extended arms and torso toward right. Hold for 1 count, then pull torso back and bend elbows to return to side-bend start position.
  • Do 10 reps. Switch sides (lunge and bend to left); repeat. Do 2 sets.

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Kneeling Leg Circle

Targets: Shoulders, back, abs, butt, inner and outer thighs

  • Kneel on mat, extend left leg out to left (toes on mat) and side bend at waist to right to place right palm on mat near right knee.
  • Lift left foot off mat with toes slightly turned out; with leg, slowly draw 10 large clockwise circles, then 10 counter-clockwise circles.
  • Switch sides, repeat. Do 2 sets.

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Alternate V-Sit Roll

Targets: Abs, obliques, and lower back

  • Sit on mat with knees bent, feet flat and arms by sides.
  • With knees bent, lift feet off mat until shins are nearly parallel to floor and lean torso back 45 degrees into V-sit; extend arms forward.

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4/2/2013 01:41:19 PM Report Abuse
amyodhner wrote:

An ad before EVERY video. Going slide by slide is a pain in the neck!!!

3/12/2013 10:57:16 PM Report Abuse
limam11 wrote:

click printer icon, then click "print all" below the add and the rest of the slides shoudl appear

3/12/2013 09:46:04 AM Report Abuse
gwd7171 wrote:

why only one page print on multi(5 to 6)step exercise - in the past al sides would print> advise what is going on and how can i get all slide pages all in one step

12/15/2010 11:20:39 AM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

Does not print (page 1 only) rest do not print.

10/29/2010 07:19:43 PM Report Abuse
blcoffman2004 wrote:

When you download the video and it comes up in PDF format you can print from that with all exercises on one page. The video wouldn't download for me either

10/29/2010 07:49:19 AM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

When I went to watch the video for this workout, I was given the option to download the workout in pdf format. All 5 positions are demonstrated on one page. BTW, the video connection failed. :(

10/26/2010 06:11:05 AM Report Abuse
kschaisson wrote:

I agree with the others; a one page printout would make these routines usable.

10/25/2010 04:18:33 PM Report Abuse
sharonahenry wrote:

Can you show all the steps to each slide on one slide??

10/25/2010 09:52:16 AM Report Abuse

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