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5 No-Equipment Moves That Tone From Head to Toe

Get ready to push yourself in this high-intensity bodyweight exercise challenge that will help you tone up and trim down. The workout is taught by Dana McCaw, a fitness instructor and trainer from Los Angeles, and it starts with exercises focused on toning the thighs and sculpting the leg muscles. You'll then move on to arms, and wrap it up with some back-blasting moves for a total-body toning session in 20 minutes flat. The best part? There are only five exercises for you to learn, so you'll be able to focus in on form and get your heart rate pumping without worrying about tons of choreography.

Workout Details:

  • Start with a 3-minute warm-up.
  • Complete two rounds of the five exercises in the video above. For round one, complete 15 reps of each exercise. For round two, bump things up to 25 reps.
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