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Shape Up with a Quickie Resistance Band Workout

Tone and tighten your arms, abs, butt, legs -- everything -- in just 15 minutes.

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Circle Crunch

What you'll need: A resistance band ($5,

Targets: Abs and outer thighs

  • Tie band into a loop and wrap it around thighs, just above knees. Lie faceup on floor with hands behind head, elbows out, legs lifted, and knees bent 90 degrees.
  • Crunch up, then circle upper body in a counterclockwise direction while pressing thighs outward against band.
  • Do 10 circles, without lowering. Return to start; switch directions and repeat.

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Bow and Arrow Pull

Targets: Back, arms, abs, and legs

  • Stand with feet together, holding one end of looped band in each hand. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder level, palms facing each other.
  • Lunge back with right leg, bending both knees 90 degrees, and, keeping left arm extended, drive right elbow straight behind you so that band is pulled tight and upper body rotates to right.
  • Return to start. Switch sides; repeat to complete 1 rep. l Do 10 reps.

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Targets: Abs, obliques, hips, butt, and legs

  • Wrap looped band around calves. Stand with left leg in front of right. Clasp hands and extend arms overhead.
  • Squat slightly while bringing arms down and across body to side of right hip, rotating upper body to right.

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Loop Lift

Targets: Shoulders, abs, butt, and legs

  • Wrap looped band around calves. Stand with feet hip-width apart, right hand on hip.
  • Squat, keeping knees behind toes, and touch left fingertips to floor by left foot.

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Back Zip

Targets: Shoulders, back, arms, abs, and butt

  • Wrap looped band around wrists. Stand with legs and heels together, feet pointed out to sides 45 degrees. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder level, elbows slightly bent out to sides.
  • Squeeze glutes as you press arms out to sides, stretching band as far as you can while keeping shoulders down. Hold for 1 count.
  • Return to start. Do 15 reps.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November/December 2009.

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jekindup wrote:

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9/15/2011 03:09:07 PM Report Abuse
oscarberns wrote:

You still can print all. First select "Print" & then after the new tab opens select "Print All Slides". I hope that helps.

4/4/2011 10:50:21 AM Report Abuse
krauselinda wrote:

You previously could click on "print all" to print all slides together. I wish we still had that option.

11/19/2010 07:16:56 AM Report Abuse
alicja_nwk wrote:

could you provide more info about a resistance band? i checked the website and they have many types. I don't know which one is the best.

5/5/2010 10:02:22 AM Report Abuse
grrlie23 wrote:

An actual video would be more useful.

1/21/2010 10:23:33 PM Report Abuse
mrsdawnpickering wrote:

wish you did thiese workouts in a printable format (i don't own an ipod)... Great exercises though

11/22/2009 10:58:02 AM Report Abuse
plb_56 wrote:

Sure going to try this. Different.

11/9/2009 01:02:48 PM Report Abuse
marcienabor1 wrote:

Great exercises and good instructions

11/9/2009 11:12:30 AM Report Abuse

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