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Push-Ups That Will Change Your Body

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Intermediate Push-Ups

1. Full T Push-Up

Targets shoulders, chest, arms, abs, obliques, thighs

Begin in full push-up position -- wrists below shoulders, legs extended, toes tucked under, abs engaged. Lift your right arm toward the ceiling, rotating entire body to right; keep hips and legs stacked. Hold for 2 counts, then return to start. Do one push-up; repeat on left side. Do 10 reps per side.

2. Dive-Bomber Push-Up

Targets shoulders, chest, arms, abs, back, hamstrings

Start in downward-facing dog -- hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart, hips lifted, heels reaching down. Glide chest forward and through arms, bringing it down between your hands and arching back toward ceiling; hover hips 2 to 3 inches off floor. Reverse, pressing into hands and bringing hips back up. Do 10 reps.

3. Staggered-Arm Push-Up

Targets shoulders, chest, arms, abs

Begin on hands and knees with hands about shoulder-width apart and left hand 4 to 6 inches in front of right hand (keep hands close to chest). Walk feet back until legs are fully extended, keeping abs firm. Do 10 push-ups, bending elbows to 90 degrees and bringing chest just above the floor. Switch hand positions, placing right hand 4 to 6 inches in front of left; repeat for 10 more reps.

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Sevahdiva1 wrote:

Push Ups are the ultimate in sculpting arms, shoulders and tightening up the core they can be performed anywhere and at any time. No fancy equipment needed just upper body strength.

6/28/2012 05:25:53 PM Report Abuse
sonirg44 wrote:

Very helpful, though a bit difficult. Thanks. R G Soni

11/28/2011 07:11:20 PM Report Abuse
harmsllc wrote:

Modified Push Ups -As I read your blog post, I couldn┐t help but think of the Push-Up Bench as the most effective way for people who struggle with push ups , to be able to do them correctly (with full range of motion). Most modified push-ups make them easier but only allow one or two variations. The Push Up Bench has 11 different levels to work through on the way to a full push-up.

7/25/2010 08:21:43 PM Report Abuse

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