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Weighty Matters: Women's Top Weight Secrets

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    By the Numbers

    59: Percentage of women who would like to drop 10 pounds or more.

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    You look so thin! No, you look so thin!

    When they compare themselves to one another, almost one-third think other women are thinner than they are.

    27 percent say they don't compare themselves to anyone. Period.

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    Does skinny = smiley?

    Yes, according to the 44 percent of women who believe they would be happier at their ideal weight.

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    Fat Days

    About half of women have an "I feel fat" day once a week or more. A lucky 17 percent never feel fat.

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    Sizing Up

    2 in 10 women have bought clothes one size too small, hoping they'll eventually be able to fit into them.

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    Picture Perfect

    More than half of women have deleted a photo of themselves because they thought they looked fat.

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    Dieting Matters

    When they gain weight, 55 percent of women watch what they eat but don't go on an extreme diet.

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    Significant Others

    43 percent say their husband or boyfriend is the person most likely to make them feel good about their weight. Aww!

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    Celeb Bodies

    Which celeb has the body confidence most women wish they could steal?

    Halle Berry

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    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, May 2012.

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