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7 Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds

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What a Bargain!

THE LOGIC: Sure, I'll take the jumbo-size Coke -- it's only 25 cents more!

Call it the "Costco effect": An item you didn't especially want or need suddenly becomes appealing when you can get twice as much for half the price. Unfortunately, getting 16 more ounces of soda for just a quarter more ups your calorie total as well -- by 182. And don't count on making the larger serving last longer: In one study, Wansink found that people ate 92 percent more cookies each day when they had an especially large supply stockpiled in their cupboards. In fact, you're liable to keep munching away even after your monster-size snack loses its appeal, says Wansink. He found that people given larger buckets of free popcorn ate significantly more, even when it was 14 days old and stale!

Change your mind: Adopt a "pay less, weigh less" attitude. Sure, it may be a better value to buy 100 cookies for $5 than it is to buy 10 cookies for $3. But by choosing the smaller package, you'll actually spend $2 less -- and save hundreds of calories.

This concept works at restaurants, too. Order an appetizer portion of your dish even if you have to pay the full entree price. You're not wasting money; your meal costs the same either way. You're simply choosing to buy fewer calories with your money.

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lesliedwilbur wrote:

I grew up with my mom pushing me to clean my plate. Part of this was because the Dr. kept telling her I was underweight. This made her feel like a bad mom,because I wasn't eating enough. For my own kids, I realized when they would not want alot of food, so I would serve them on small plates (because a small serving looks lost on a full size plate). I still don't like to throw out food ,though, and I'm a sucker for 'free' food.

12/3/2013 12:41:04 PM Report Abuse
alysaricks wrote:

Awesome I loved it. When I saw mental changes I thought more of like hypnotize which would be another good topic.

11/13/2013 08:31:28 PM Report Abuse
marros19601 wrote:

I was brought up with that phrase ringing in my ears! Forty years later and I still hear it. My fiance is trying his darndest to break me of it.

11/13/2013 03:30:32 PM Report Abuse
kimberlycarlson.2 wrote:

That hit the "nail on the head" for our society as a whole. We are so programmed. Great article.

11/13/2013 01:06:20 PM Report Abuse
gina_zuniga wrote:

this is so true! ugggg! i feel bad when i throw away food knowing someone is starving out there!

11/13/2013 10:57:33 AM Report Abuse

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