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What Is Your Weight Destiny?

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How to Keep the Weight Off

Lessons from Losers

What are the secrets of those who have lost at least 30 pounds and managed to keep it off? We tapped the National Weight Control Registry to find out.

Freshen up your motivation. "What inspired them to start losing the weight may not be the same as what helps them keep it off," says Hill, who cofounded the registry. A health scare might have prompted the initial loss, for example, but wearing clothes they like might later be the reason.

Tone your muscles. While there isn't much data on this, Hill says, it stands to reason that the weight training these maintainers do is a factor in their ability to stay at their lower weight. "It helps build muscle and prevent the loss of muscle mass, and, of course, muscle burns calories," he says.

Exercise daily. The workouts of successful slimmers "range from 30 minutes a day to 90, but the average is about 60," Hill says.

Tie exercise to something else that's meaningful to you. "One woman said she makes time for spirituality every day, and during that special time, she walks and meditates," Hill says. Many long-term maintainers, he adds, even change careers and become dietitians or trainers.

Weigh yourself regularly. Maintainers weigh themselves daily or every few days and cut back immediately when they eat too much. This is what Hill suggests people at a healthy weight should do simply not to gain. "If you're paying attention now, you won't let your weight creep up," he says.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, September 2012.


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v2b2 wrote:

And I identify exactly with Samantha who sounds like an exact copy of me - both eating habits and size. Sometimes I don't know what else to say but just to thank my genes. The only thing I try hard is to constantly keep my core tight and do core exercises when I can. And to walk a lot so as to save money (no gym membership and no car-leaves me more money to buy nice clothes!)...

11/17/2013 05:11:49 PM Report Abuse
v2b2 wrote:

Heritability of 50-70% is high! While it is not a "done deal", I would say it is really tough luck! Having said that, I believe in the tipping point theory, once you have got the fat on before, they just are a bit more difficult to keep off... My motivation here is to eat less and save money... though it does mean that I also don't eat hippy food like free range or organic... Really sorry chickens!

11/17/2013 05:00:57 PM Report Abuse
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