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Weight Loss Advice

Take the guesswork out of dieting with this collection of healthy eating advice straight from the experts.

Smart eating isn't always about choosing vegetables over fried food and skipping dessert.

Bacteria in your gut may be the secret to a sexy stomach. Learn the latest research on getting slim—and healthy—for good.

Social media isn't just for keeping tabs on your ex anymore.

No one wants her wallet to slim down along with her waistline. But you don't need to spill a hefty sum on your gym membership just because you missed all the New Year's promotions.

We get it: Sometimes injury, sickness, vacation, or your crazy schedule keeps you from the gym. #BeenThere.

Pop personality quiz: When you leave work after a stressful day, is your first move to head home and chill out behind a closed door or do you go straight to dinner with the girls?

When the bad behaviors of fellow gymgoers, even trainers, threaten to ruin your workout, follow our rules for dealing with annoying offenders so you can keep calm and carve on.

Need some inspiration to reach your goal weight (and stay there)? Steal the surprising strategies that helped Good Morning America correspondent Mara Schiavocampo lose 90 pounds and keep it off.

Kristen Bell may be small (5'1" to be exact) but she packs a serious punch when it comes to her values.

We all know chicken breast and brown rice make for a healthy dinner. But let's face it—it gets old after a while.

Is your kitchen making you fat? It could be.

Forget stress eating—new research shows that your crazy long to-do list does way more than encourage you to reach for that bag of greasy potato chips.

Surprising reasons your belly can balloon, and how to deflate it fast.

It's time to de-puff that pouch! Bloating — fluid building up between cells in your body — can be caused by poor digestion, too much sodium, or your period.

I've read that you should eat nothing but fruit or fresh squeezed juice for breakfast to finish the detox cycle so you don't shock your body with a big meal (for example Fit For Life).

I quit smoking one year ago and i have gained 35 pounds. I work out 4-5 days a week, I am unable to lose a pound. What can I do to lose weight?

I work out five days a week and eat less than 1,400 calories a day but I'm not losing weight. What gives?