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"I Got Trim Without the Gym"

FITNESS gave Holly Greenberg, 26, a few simple tools to turn her basement into a workout circuit and to break out of her body rut.

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Holly Before and After

My Goal
In May 2010 I appeared on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker only to have matchmaker Patti Stanger dismiss me with "Holly, I'm not feeling it. You need to start working out." Ouch! I vowed to get in shape. Then last spring I traded auditioning for musical theater performances for a desk job at a talent agency and moved back home to save money. That meant that instead of going to dance classes, I was sitting all day -- and not just from nine to five but also during my daily four-hour round-trip commute to New York City from the burbs. By the end of the summer, I noticed I was really putting on weight, but I didn't have the money to join a gym and didn't know when I could fit in exercise, because I'm usually gone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. That's when I asked FITNESS for help.

My Moment of Success
FITNESS set me up with a mini home gym plus a life coach to maximize my time and a trainer who made house calls. I found that I had more energy when I woke up an hour early to work out than when I caught the extra shut-eye. My clothes started to fit better after just two weeks, and a month into my new routine I had dropped 10 pounds. Before, I felt as if I lacked the necessary tools to get fit, but now everything I need is in my attitude -- and my basement.

Holly, by the Numbers

Untitled Document

  Start Now
Weight 148 138
Height 5'3" 5'3"
Chest 40" 36"
Waist 30" 28"
Hips 34" 32"
Body fat 29% 25%

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What Worked for Me

Create a tone zone.

The solution to squeezing workouts into my long days and tight budget was to bring the gym to my home. My trainer, Melissa, gave me a checklist of versatile equipment that would cover tons of exercises, and FITNESS provided it.

Suspension-training straps: Rip:60 ($120, including 12 DVDs;

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Must-Have Fitness Tool: Dumbbells

Jillian Michaels Ultimate 25-Pound SpeedWeight ($100,

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Must-Have Fitness Tool: The Step

Jillian Michaels Ultimate 3-in-1 Aerobic Step ($50,

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Must-Have Fitness Tool: Medicine Ball

NordicTrack 6-Pound Medicine Ball ($29,

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Must-Have Fitness Tool: Stability Ball

NordicTrack 55-Cm Exercise Ball ($29,

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Fit in exercise first thing.

Melissa met me twice a week at 6 a.m. for hourlong circuits that alternated cardio, like jumping jacks, with total-body toners like the ones below. Three other days, I did cardio; I started with 20 minutes of walking, adding 10 minutes each week until I hit 40 minutes nonstop.

Weighted-Ball Crunch
Holding a six-pound medicine ball in both hands in front of chest, lie faceup on a stability ball with lower back at its center, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on floor. Crunch up, then lower. Do 20 reps.

Squat Thrust Plus
With an eight-pound dumbbell in each hand, squat and place weights on floor in front of toes, palms facing in. Still holding handles, jump feet back into full push-up position, then drive right elbow up to bring dumbbell by ribs; lower. Repeat with left arm. Jump feet forward to hands, stand up and curl weights to shoulders; lower to start. Do 12 to 15 reps.

Stair Hand-Walk
Place hands flat on top of second stair from floor and walk feet back until body is in full push-up position. Walk left hand up to third stair, then right hand. Walk left hand back to second stair, then right hand to complete one rep. Do 20 reps, alternating starting arm.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

My life coach, Jan Brown, had me visualize my dream self two years from now and judge whether my little decisions would get me closer to it. This task has helped me grab a bottle of water, rather than gummy worms, on the way to the train; I'm not hungry, just bored, and those empty calories can keep me from my ideal weight.

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Eat for Energy

Before I started exercising, my usual breakfast was cereal, which just made me hungry for a smoothie on the way to work. Now I eat oatmeal before my workout and a hard-boiled egg right after, and I stay full until lunch.

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Bribe Yourself

I had managed to avoid the treadmill in my parents' basement for months because the room was so dark and uninspiring. I hooked up a cable box to our old TV down there so I can watch music videos to make my exercise time fly by. Also, Jan suggested that for each week I stick to my workouts, I treat myself in a small way -- for instance, with a pedicure or a pair of earrings.

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Get Your Groove Back

Jan gave me the task of finding ways to reincorporate dance into my life, not only to help me burn calories but also to let me reconnect with my passion. My first step was to get a dance workout DVD to help with my cardio exercise.

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Tip Sheet

Step it up. "There are plenty of body-weight exercises you can do using your furniture," says Melissa Shokoufandeh, a master trainer for New York Sports Clubs in Smithtown, New York. "Try decline push-ups with your toes on the couch or triceps dips with a chair."

Ask what-ifs. "Work toward your goals by thinking of what it's costing you not to act," says Jan Brown, a life coach in New York City. "Not being active was costing Holly happiness, health, and confidence. Realizing that made her more apt to exercise."

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, March 2012.

Find more body-weight exercises here

Learn more about life coach Jan Brown

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vandanasweety wrote:

I second that. Also she got 500 dollars worth of tools and apersonal trainer. Not an everyday purchase for us us. I am happy for her though.

7/8/2012 06:05:47 AM Report Abuse
fathima.kathrada wrote:

I love your articles, but seriously, the way you divide articles and tips and everything up into slides is highly annoying and often makes me just leave the site. Having everything on one long page would work way better!

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