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"I Dropped 30 Pounds in My Home Gym!"

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Eliana Martinez - After
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Eliana Martinez, now a healthy
140 pounds. How far has she
come? See page 2.
A gradual weight-gainer, Eliana Martinez shaped up and slimmed down by converting her garage into a home gym. Here's her weight-loss action plan.

"I Did It!"

Name: Eliana Martinez
Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Her Weight Before: 170
Her Weight After: 140
Pounds Lost: 30
At Current Weight: 3 years

Eliana Martinez saw plenty of her relatives gain weight and slow down as they aged. "So when I hit 170 pounds in my early 30s, I figured it was normal," says the stay-at-home mom in San Lorenzo, California. But once she cut back on fatty foods and started working out, she was surprised at how quickly she regained her energy. "I look and feel better today than I did 10 years ago," she says.

The Car Factor

Eliana weighed 145 at age 25. "At the time, we had only one car, so I walked everywhere," she says. When her husband, Tony, got a better job, they bought another car and started eating out more, mostly burgers and fries. "I gained 25 pounds in five years. It was so gradual that I didn't realize that it was due to the change in our lifestyle," she says. Then Tony developed high blood pressure. "He had gotten heavier too and decided to change his diet and start exercising so he wouldn't have to take drugs," she says. "To support him, I joined him."

Early-Morning Workouts

The couple bought some dumbbells and turned their garage into a home gym. "So nothing else would interfere, we exercised at 5:30 a.m. every other day, jumping rope and lifting weights," she says. Eliana also changed the family's diet, switching from red meat to chicken and fish, adding more vegetables, and cutting out fast food. In five months, she dropped 30 pounds. (Tony lost 65.)

Now Eliana's life is nonstop activity. "Our family Rollerblades, hikes, and plays tennis together," she says. "I actually feel tired if I don't exercise!"

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mandrepheklund wrote:

I love this success story. There is something to be said for reaching that 25-30 lbs goal. Especially being a parent and a stay-at-home mom. I read a similar story about losing 25 pounds from a busy father of triplets.

9/14/2014 01:28:57 PM Report Abuse
bruni.lruiz wrote:

I need to lose at least 30pds myself, but I am finding it so hard to get motivated. I lost 105lbs and have gained 20lbs in the last 6yrs. I know what I have to do for myself, but unable to mentally go full force with it. I try to read and research as much as possible on people that have changed their life with exercising, but lately it has not worked. PLEASE HELP

1/9/2014 05:34:58 PM Report Abuse
ruth_toyoshima wrote:

Love this story, very inspirational. My husband and I are childless, but started gainging weight Now we are both trying to lose 10kg to have more energy and look after our health. Will try sports aswell as usual workout, thanks!

10/8/2012 07:37:38 PM Report Abuse
janikasteyn wrote:

wow this is inspiring i am 15 turning 16 and i need to lose 35 pounds i weigh 165 and i want to be 130 this is inspiring and it will help me i already stared 2 weeks ago!

1/8/2012 01:33:56 PM Report Abuse
irions4 wrote:

Inspiring and good to know that losing the weight took time. Thank you!

11/7/2011 02:31:09 PM Report Abuse

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