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5 Ways to Lose the Last 5 Pounds

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Forget juice fasts, detox diets, and even calorie counting. We asked women to test easy no-deprivation strategies to shed the stubborn last five pounds. See what worked -- one woman lost almost 10!

The New Way to Lose

Eat less fat. No, wait: Eat more fat, just the healthy kind. Eat only when you're hungry. Actually, eat every three hours. Enough already! There are so many rules to follow when you're trying to stick to a healthy diet, and some of them are downright contradictory. To find out what really works, we rounded up the best weight-loss advice from nutritionists, psychologists, trainers, and other health gurus and then asked five women to abide by the strategies for six weeks. Read on to discover how to lose the weight for good and feel better than ever.

Give Up the Booze

"Alcohol is a double whammy," says Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, a FITNESS advisory board member and the author of The Real You Diet. "Because liquid calories don't make you feel full, they add up fast. Plus, alcohol lessens your willpower to resist unhealthy food."

Our tester: Rebecca Rodriguez, 39, Brooklyn
"I'm a publicist and blogger in the music industry. I'm out drinking four nights a week, networking at happy hours, and covering nightlife."

"I did it, minus one blip at my birthday brunch when I treated myself to a mimosa. Instead of my usual glass or two of beer or wine at events, I sipped seltzer. I hoped being sober would keep me from eating fattening snacks, but that didn't always happen. One time I attacked a tray of cookies; another, I ordered a cheeseburger. Turns out, my willpower isn't great whether I'm sober or not.

"There were plenty of perks though. I made business connections, and my blog posts were full of details I never would have noticed if I had been drinking. I also saved so much money that I bought a bike and started taking a.m. rides. It was a great way to begin the day -- I woke up so refreshed without booze.

"The added exercise and fewer liquid calories paid off: I lost three pounds, and my stomach was noticeably flatter. I'm not going to quit drinking altogether, but I will keep sipping seltzer at work events."

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barttlesj wrote:

I can see where alcohol would be a hindrance in trying to stay fit. Alot of sugar

10/17/2013 09:40:51 AM Report Abuse
pattieaz wrote:

Oh yeah,you'll get more than just stretch marks.You'll have an extra bulge of hanging skin on your back and a front-dragging belly bag.It's a cruel joke,what losing a lot of weight does.The Hollywood types:they get pampered in a penthouse while they heal from surgery.We just have to live with it.But, I was pre-Diabetic.Now I have normal Blood Sugar again.Had High BP;my BP is normal again.Still look bad in a bathing suit but I can pull myself up out of a swimming pool again!

10/11/2013 02:02:41 AM Report Abuse
pattieaz wrote:

That's how I kick started the first 10 of 45 pounds I lost! No Booze. it's like giving up sugar. After a month, you won't even miss it. You'll have some 6 months later, feel a little headache coming on, and wonder why you used to drink SO much. You'll lose the "taste" for it. Second Tip: Cut down on the meat, especially the conventionally raised corporate, bad-for-you meat.No Booze= Now I like fruit more. Less Meat= More veggies on the plate.

10/11/2013 01:41:39 AM Report Abuse
naha1111marti wrote:

Sounds like a plan. Some good thoughts here!

10/10/2013 04:16:20 PM Report Abuse
mlw09_91 wrote:

Great tips!

10/10/2013 10:27:54 AM Report Abuse

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